Riley Keough "Lied" About Her Singing Ability When Auditioning for 'Daisy Jones & The Six'

It's OK, we all lie on our résumés.

Riley Keough Daisy Jones and the Six

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After recording an entire studio album for her upcoming Prime Video series, Daisy Jones & The Six, it’s safe to say Riley Keough has more than earned the title of actor-hyphen-singer — but apparently, the actress recently revealed, it didn’t start out that way.

When answering questions about the show ahead of a screening in New York City on Monday, Keough, whose grandfather was Elvis Presley, admitted that she may have exaggerated her musical experience when auditioning for the role of Daisy Jones back in 2019.

“I think I blacked out on that meeting. I don't really remember what happened," Keough said. "And then I auditioned like everybody else, and lied to them and told them l could sing.”

In addition to lying on her résumé (haven’t we all?), Keough also confessed during the panel that wasn’t familiar with the story of Daisy Jones before reading for the role. “I hadn't read the book [before my audition] and my agent called me and she said Hello Sunshine is making a show called Daisy Jones & the Six,” she recalled. “And in that moment … I had like a weird cosmic dropdown. It was like, 'You're gonna be Daisy in this show.’”

She continued, “I didn't know it was based on the book. I didn't know anything about it, but then I got the book. I read the book, I listened to the audiobook and I fell in love with it like everybody else.”

Riley Keough Premiere

While Keough may not have known much about the character prior to learning about the series, Brad Mendelsohn, an executive producer on the show, said that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the actress was destined to be the Daisy Jones.

“I cannot speak any more highly of Riley Keough,” he told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. “She is transformative in this show. When she auditioned for us, we didn’t look any further. She was our Daisy Jones. Her reps called us and said that she had read the book, and she is Daisy Jones. We all said, ‘Yes, of course, let’s meet her.’ And we literally did not audition another person.”

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