This Volumizing Shampoo Makes My Baby-Fine Hair Look Fuller

It works magic on my tresses.

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Rhyme & Reason Shampoo


While I’m blessed with an abundance of enviable features, thick hair isn’t one of them. In fact, I’ve seen infants with fuller hair than mine. Though I love my hair’s natural deep chestnut color, I often get highlights to promote a volumized look, which unfortunately also increases breakage. And while I don’t style my hair to the heights of an ‘80s prom queen, I do add wear and tear by teasing and blow drying my tresses on a daily basis. To sum up the situation with my strands, they’re fine and thin, but also colored and damaged, making it hard to find a shampoo that keeps my hair looking consistently great. 

Shampoo meant for fine hair isn’t always great for damaged hair, and formulas meant for damaged hair can often make baby-fine hair look greasy and weighed-down. So, when I found Rhyme & Reason’s Volume and Boost Shampoo, I literally felt like celebrating. The Target-exclusive shampoo keeps my flattish hair looking shiny, healthy, and happy — did I mention bouncy? And I mean bouncy.

Rhyme & Reason Volume & Boost Shampoo


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I first used another shampoo from the brand: the Rhyme & Reason Nourish and Gloss Shampoo. Going in with zero expectations, my hair was parched from too much summer sun, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The formula kept my hair clean and grease-free, even during the sweatiest summer months. Though I was satisfied with the results, I wanted more volume, so I tried the Volume and Boost formulation, which floofed up my hair while keeping it shiny. And now, I’m hooked. 

I asked board-certified trichologist Angela Onuoha, Rhyme & Reason’s expert advisor to help me understand how a simple shampoo could add so much fluffiness to my hair. She credited the results to the formula’s bamboo fibers, which “are known to give the hair texture and help to lift the hair from the scalp, creating more volume,” she noted. And while a lot of volumizing products “can be quite drying to the hair and scalp,” Onuoha said the addition of lilly pilly makes it nourishing and soothing, while the oat-derived peptides “promote a thicker appearance of hair while soothing scalp.” There’s also hyaluronic acid, which Onuoha explained “gives the scalp a hydration boost” and antioxidants from coconut water that “protect the hair and scalp from factors such as pollution and give the hair an amazing shine.” She’s not wrong. My hair is downright sleek and the effect lasts for a few days. 

Reviewers are raving about this shampoo, too. One person with fine hair said, “I have tried lots of volume shampoos and this has to be the first one that has given me amazing volume that lasts almost through to the next shampoo.” 

Head to Target to snag a bottle of the Rhyme & Reason’s Volume and Boost Shampoo, and while you’re at it, check out some of the brand’s other formulas for healthy hair.

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