By Samantha Simon
Updated Aug 28, 2016 @ 11:15 am
Credit: Victor Hugo/Patrick McMullan via Getty

For Fifth Harmony, this weekend is all about the music. The all-girl group is nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards for their hit, "Work from Home," but before heading to tonight's show in New York City, the band kicked off the weekend with a performance at VH1 Save the Music Foundation's Hamptons Live benefit concert at a private residence in Sagaponack, New York, on Saturday night.

Just before they hit the stage to bust out a medley of their hits while guests sipped on Bai beverages and munched on paella, clam strips, and beef carpaccio, InStyle caught up with the five members—Camila Cabello, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane Hansen, and Ally Hernandez. And in addition chatting all things style, beauty, and red carpets, the girls dished on why they're so passionate about the night's cause. "Save the Music is basically a foundation dedicated to making sure that every child has a music education that is a part of their normal curriculum," said Cabello. "They work district to district, providing kids with musical instruments and making sure that that's a part of their education. I think that's really important to all of us, because music has literally changed our lives—and it's such a huge part of our lives—so I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don't know who I would be without music."

Cabello credited her own music education with helping to shape her career—and without it, we might not have hit songs like "Worth It" to play on repeat. "I've discovered myself through that vehicle, and there are so many kids that don't come from, let's say, a family that totally listens to music or a family of musicians," she said. "So a school or a teacher inspiring them to pick up an instrument can literally change a whole life, and we know how important that is."

Cabello's life (as well as her bandmates') has certainly changed since Fifth Harmony was founded on X Factor. Now jet-setting around the world and hitting up major award shows on the regular, this girl-power group is doing it all. Scroll down to find out which band member dreams of living in the Hamptons, what the group is planning to wear to the VMAs (hint: they're coordinating), and their red carpet must-haves.

Credit: Victor Hugo/Patrick McMullan via Getty

InStyle: Have you been to the Hamptons before, or is this your first time out here?
All, in unison: "It's our first time!"
Hernandez: "I want to live here! There are so many houses and trees, and I love the small-town vibe. We passed a pumpkin patch earlier, and it was really cute. So, in the future, I could raise a family here—you never know."
Jauregui: "We were actually freaking out over the fruit. It tastes so fresh. The strawberries and grapes were amazing."

What are you most excited about for the VMAs?
Hansen: "We're nominated for two awards, and we're presenting in front of our favorite artists: Beyonce, Rihanna, and everybody else. This is like the year to go. So we're really excited to be a part of it. And shout out to Ty Dolla Sign, because we're nominated for best collaboration together and he's performing. Fetty [Wap], too. We're just happy that our sophomore album is doing as well as our singles."

Who are you looking forward to catching up with?
Cabello: "I can't wait to see Ty! I haven't seen him in a minute, and he's really cool."

The big question: What are you planning to wear on the red carpet?
Hernandez: "Our outfits are designed by the phenomenal Michael Costello. It's gonna be sexy, it's gonna be hot, and I'm very excited to step into them. You're going to see a different side of us."

Will you be coordinating?
Hansen: "We're always coordinating! Especially for the VMAs. On a carpet, you have to be coordinated, just to come out and be super ready like, 'This is our year.'"

How do you maintain your own individual style even when you're wearing matching looks?
Kordei: "Honestly, that goes to our stylists. Having five girls who like totally different things and trying to coordinate it into one look isn't easy. But I think that they do an amazing job and our individual personalities really do shine through in what we wear. We've definitely grown a lot, as far as our red carpets go."

What is your red carpet must-have?
Jauregui: "Highlighter, highlighter, highlighter. On the carpet, you need to have a glow. I use Moonstone by Becca, and there's one that Normani uses called Topaz that's really good, too.
Kordei: "You also need to make sure you have the right undergarments!"
Hernandez: "And eyelashes. It's nice to keep the real ones on sometimes, but I love a good [fake] pair. My favorite brands for them are Ardell and Creme."
Hansen: "Your nails are very important, too. Make sure it's on fleek, from hands to feet. Some people forget the feet—we forgot them a couple of times at the beginning! We were little babies, but now we're ready to go."

What will your nails look like tomorrow?
Jauregui: "I'm wearing something very plain. I usually do a solid color on both hands and feet. Camila's are usually French."
Cabello: "Not now, because I'm playing guitar and when they're long, I can't play. But I like them to look clean."
Hansen: "Out of all of us, Mani's nails are the most glam."
Jauregui: "Ally and Mani both go in on their nails. And Dinah sometimes does, too."
Hansen: "Sometimes. It goes with my mood."