Everyone On The Bachelor is Either Too Messy or Too Boring to Be the Next Bachelorette

Colton Bachelor Bachelorette
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One of the best parts about watching The Bachelor is figuring out who the next Bachelorette is going to be. However, this season, I'm having a really hard time imagining any of them going on to become the next Bachelorette — and there’s only three episodes left in the current season. Unless the trajectory of the season 23 changes fast, there really aren’t any obvious choices to lead the next series, and the producers may have to look elsewhere.

First, here’s who we have left after Monday’s episode: Cassie, Caelynn, Tayshia, and Hannah G. Cassie, Caelynn, and Tayshia are all embroiled in drama that stems from gossip that Cassie and Caelynn are there for the wrong reasons. Tayshia fully believes the gossip and spoke to Colton about it; Cassie and Caelynn both insist they are there for love. Unlike most other seasons, where it’s clear who the villain is and who is telling the truth, this season is a hot, confusing mess. Is it all a misunderstanding? Are Cassie and Caelynn telling the truth? Is Tayshia a villain mastermind (who even had Kirpa working for her)?

Who the f*ck knows.

However, what I do know is that usually, there's a contestant that sort of transcends all of this drama — we get to know her and her charismatic personality before the Bachelor sends her home in a tearful goodbye. This time around, though, that just isn't happening. Unless things change and it’s made crystal clear who we’re supposed to be believing here, it’s hard to imagine any of these women leading the next season — all of them are just too damn dramatic.

But what about Hannah G, you ask? She hasn’t really been involved in the drama, but she also has been very quiet overall — she's not messy, but we also have no real idea of who she truly is. It could be that Colton is going to choose her. Either way, I feel like she might not have a big enough personality to be in the running to lead her own season. Then there were the women who were kicked off season 23 earlier — suitors like Katie and Elyse, who were well-liked by fans, but left before we really got to know them. The past six Bachelorettes have made it to at least the top four of the preceding Bachelor season. The season before that was Emily Maynard, who was not from the directly preceding season, but won the Bachelor season that aired the year before.

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All of this considered, the show might have to switch things up (like it did with last year’s Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr.) and go with someone from a previous year. What about Kristina Schulman from Nick Viall’s Bachelor, or Becca Tilley from Chris Soules’ season? They both have the kind of fan pull that would make casting them a welcome surprise.

Of course, there is still time for Colton’s season to turn things around. Tayshia and Caelynn have both, at points, seemed like they’d make good Bachelorettes, so if either of them is confirmed to not be a liar, it could work. For now, though, I’m rooting for someone from a previous season. There are some memorable faces in the Bachelor family who viewers know and love, and it would be cool for the show to (finally) switch things up and go with a fan favorite.

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