Twin Peaks Is Coming Back! Here's Where We Left Off

TKTWIN PEAKS, Madchen Amick, Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill, Wendy Robie, Kyle MacLachlan, 1990-91.
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The moment we’ve been waiting for has (almost) arrived—the Twin Peaks revival will premiere on Showtime in a matter of days!

With so few days left until the newest installment debuts, it’s difficult to know how to prepare. Unless you have some serious time to kill, you probably won’t be able to binge your way through the show’s original two seasons before the premiere.

Even if you consider yourself a huge Twin Peaks fan, chances are you’re a little hazy on the details. I mean, it’s been nearly 26 years since the series’s finale—entire people have been born and grown old enough to rent cars in that timeframe.

If you’re planning to tune in for the long-awaited revival, you need to know what’s up. Scroll down below for a quick crash course in the Twin Peaks essentials.

First off, the most basic of basics: What is Twin Peaks?

Twin Peaks is a fictional town in Washington wherein things are not what they seem...

What’s the Premise?

The small town of Twin Peaks is shaken to its core when popular teen Laura Palmer is found dead, wrapped in plastic on the shore. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrives in Twin Peaks to investigate, immediately connecting Palmer’s death to the death of another teen who’d been murdered under mysterious circumstances the year prior.

Who are the main players?

Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper is a quirky special agent with a contagious love of a "damn fine cup of coffee" and cherry pie. Though not a resident of Twin Peaks, he's the series anchor.

Audrey Horne

The scheming high schooler harbors a crush on Dale Cooper and a drive to uncover the truth.

Detective Harry Truman

The local detective teams up with Agent Cooper to solve the murder of Laura Palmer and become close friends in the process.

Shelly Johnson

Married to an abusive man, the waitress at Double R Diner carries on an affair with Palmer's former boyfriend, Bobby Briggs (see below).

Bobby Briggs

Laura Palmer's high school boyfriend, Bobby, carried on an affair with Shelly Johnson throughout their relationship.

Norma Jennings

Norma owns the Double R Diner and shares a close relationship with Shelly Johnson.

Leland Palmer

Laura Palmer's dad, Leland, is an attorney who loves his family deeply but struggles to keep things together following the death of his daughter.

Donna Hayward

Donna is Laura's best friend. After her death, she engages in a relationship with James Hurley, Palmer's former (albeit secret) boyfriend.

Who Killed Laura Palmer?

OK, this is where things get complicated. Leland Palmer, Laura’s dad, technically killed her, but he was possessed at the time by Bob, a long-haired demon who will 100 percent haunt your dreams until the end of time.

Meet Bob (If You Dare)

What happened after Laura’s murderer was revealed?

As the story goes, ABC pressured the showrunners to reveal Laura’s killer early in season two. After the rushed resolution, things got weird(er).

Twin Peaks' focus moved to the Black Lodge (or “Red Room”), the otherworldly realm where killer Bob dwells when he’s without a host. In the finale, Agent Cooper finally visits the lodge and is encountered by an array of odd characters including Laura Palmer and a prophetic dancing man said to be Bob’s nemesis.

Where did we leave off?

In the finale’s final scene, Agent Cooper is revealed to be Bob’s current host!

What can we expect?

We have literally no idea. Showtime's President revealed that the core of the new series is "Agent Cooper's odyssey back to Twin Peaks." The revival features (at least) a whopping 217 characters, many of whom appeared in the original series. New cast members have been revealed (Michael Cera, Ashley Judd, and Laura Dern among them), but their roles are shrouded in mystery. You'll just have to tune in this Sunday to see how things turn out!

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The new season of Twin Peaks premieres on May 21 at 9 PM on Showtime.

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