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Last season, Younger took us on an emotional rollercoaster. We said goodbye to a major character (RIP, Thad), learned about the existence of his secret twin brother (welcome, Chad!), and watched some questionable romances blossom (Charles and Liza’s kiss is bound to be the beginning of a nightmare for the HR team at Empirical Publishing, right?).

The TV Land series returns with all new episodes tonight, Sept. 28, at 10 p.m. ET, and according to one of the show’s stars Miriam Shor, it looks like Season 3 will start on a high note for her character, Empirical Press’s head of marketing Diana Trout, and the firm’s book editor Kelsey Peters (played by Hilary Duff). “In the first episode, you’ll find us at Marie’s Crisis—the iconic piano bar in the West Village,” Shor revealed when she stopped by InStyle’s offices this week. “Diana takes Kelsey there in the first episode, and maybe Diana drinks too much.”

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What happens next remains TBD, but witnessing a drunk Diana will definitely be a treat for fans of the show who are used to seeing the character in her super-composed glory at the Empirical office. Never one to have so much as a hair out of place, Diana rarely lets her guard down—and it all starts with her appearance. “I think she goes into work and she’s got her armor on,” said Shor. “She’s ready for battle and everything is meticulous. Nothing is left to chance—and that’s just how she lives her life.”

For Shor, any opportunity to push Diana’s perfect plans off course is a thrill. “Any obstacle the writers can throw in the way of that is fun to play—whether it’s accidental or her choice,” she said. “There’s an episode this season where she lets her guard down and comes into work with a little flip in her hair. It’s just a little one, but it’s a huge deal. Actually, she changes up her hair twice: once when she’s trying to seem a little younger, and then again when she’s trying to be flirty. It’s really just a little flip, but wow—one iota of motion away from Diana’s usual look, and it’s so not her.”

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Of course, even when she switches things up ever-so-slightly, it doesn’t last too long. “I love going back to the regular Diana and seeing how some things don’t change and some things do,” Shor said. But one thing that never changes is Diana’s bold style. This season, the show is giving us a closer look at her wardrobe—and where she keeps her signature statement necklaces.

“We open the other characters’ lives a little more in Season 3, and you get to see Diana’s sweet apartment,” Shor revealed. “You’ll see her closet, which is better than anyplace I’ve ever lived and let’s just say that there’s a special place for her necklaces. OK, it’s a wall—she has a wall of necklaces.”

Among Diana’s many oversize baubles, there’s one piece that stands out this season—and it’s a pretty questionable look even for the quirky necklace-loving character. “Every now and then Diana will just clock what Liza is wearing so judgmentally; meanwhile, she’s literally wearing a bird on her shoulder as part of a necklace,” said Shor. “That actually happens this season. I saw it on the wall of necklaces and asked [the show’s costume designer] Pat Field about it, and she said her friend made it. It’s a necklace that ends with a bird on your shoulder, and the scene that I wore it in involves a real bird too.”

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While Diana’s style is certainly extreme at times, Shor has a firm understanding of her character’s fashion sense by now. “She’s super body-con—that’s her jam,” the actress said. “We’re very open to everything, but there are definitely times where I’ll try something on and I’m like, ‘I love this, but I don’t feel like her in this.’ So if it doesn’t tell a story that she would tell, I don’t wear it. It’s a very collaborative process.”

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And although Shor has Diana’s look down pat, the actress’s real-life wardrobe couldn’t be more different from her character’s. “I don’t even know where things are in my closet,” she said. “I live in New York so my apartment is pretty much the size of a closet—and it’s a mess. I mostly throw things on my floor, and whenever I do straighten it up, I’m always so proud. But then after about 15 seconds, I already have no idea where my shoes are.” Now that would give Diana anxiety.

Younger airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TV Land. Catch the Season 3 premiere on Sept. 28.