The Hills - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy MTV

Ten years ago last June, The Hills premiered on MTV and brought with it some of the most drama-packed reality TV the world had ever seen. Tonight, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now will air at 9 p.m. on MTV, and promises to return with drama—only this time, our favorite Cali girl, Lauren Conrad, is coming clean about what it was really like to star on the show.

In anticipation of all the juicy behind-the-scene secrets LC will likely divulge on the special, we’ve decided to revisit some of the show’s most memorable moments. Who could forget that time Whitney took a tumble on national television, or when LC famously yelled at Heidi: “You know what you did!”? Re-watching these super dramatic scenes makes it hard to believe the cast members survived the show. We, on the other hand, are thankful there are six whole seasons packed with rumors, confrontations, and tears to relive again and again.

Season 1, Episode 10: In the season one finale, LC has a huge decision to make: Does she take a summer internship in Paris or stay in California with her boyfriend, Jason? Ultimately, love wins out—only to falter by next season, when we learn that Jason and Lauren have broken up. Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love makes it even more painful when she brings Lauren in for a meeting in the fall and asks: “Lauren’s always going to be known as the girl who didn’t go to Paris. Do you regret that decision?”

Season 2, Episode 7: In season two, it becomes clear that Spencer is seriously driving a wedge between BFFs Lauren and Heidi. After he encourages Brody to hook up with Jen, Lauren doesn't hold back with Heidi—and just like that, those blissful season one memories of the girls moving into their apartment are long gone.

Season 2, Episode 12: Fashion dreams—and tumbles—really do come true in season two. Lauren’s co-intern at Teen Vogue, Whitney, is chosen to model Hilary Swank’s Oscar dress on Good Morning America, but she ends up tripping down the stairs on live television. Although she recovers with grace, the scene has gone down in Hills history (mostly in GIF form).

Season 3, Episode 1: Season three opens with an epic fight between Heidi and Lauren, once again pinning them as some of TV's best frenemies of all time. The two duke it out at Frankie's birthday party when Lauren confronts Heidi about a "sick little rumor" involving a sex tape.

Season 3, Episode 16: Oh, good old Justin Bobby. Audrina’s on-again, off-again, boyfriend—notorious not least for his long, unruly locks—definitely stirs up drama throughout the show. One of his worst moves is kissing a bartender in front of Audrina’s very eyes.

Season 4, Episode 5: Season four is a rocky one for Lauren and Audrina’s friendship—it’s clear that the roommate situation between LC, Audrina, and Lo is simply not working out. In this famous mascara-streaking scene, Audrina and Lauren finally confront the tension and decide to work things out.

Season 4, Episode 19: Two seasons after her initial fashion faux pas on Good Morning America, Whitney has definitely recovered. She makes the decision to get serious about her career and move to the Big Apple, where she has a job with Diane von Furstenberg lined up. Thankfully for Whit fans, that didn’t mean she was leaving reality TV … Enter: The City.

Season 5, Episode 10: Speidi finally gets married! The wedding is a big turning point in the show: Spencer calls Lauren and asks her to come, telling her it'll change Heidi’s life, and Lauren actually shows up; so does Kristin Cavallari, making an unexpected entrance.

Season 5, Episode 11: Boy, does Kristin stir things up when she replaces Lauren as the show’s leading lady. At a rooftop party, she heads straight for Justin Bobby, and Stephanie decides to step in. Kristin, in response, throws out some wild insults (you have to admit, "piranha" is pretty creative).

Season 6, Episode 1: In 2010, Heidi and Spencer seemed to be all over the tabloids, likely because tons of changes were taking place. Heidi underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day; in the season opener, we hear all about them when she goes to Colorado to visit her (much dismayed) family.