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Based on Michael Connelly’s best selling detective novels, Titus Welliver brings LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch to life on Amazon Prime Video’s longest running series, Bosch. Now in its third season, the crime drama has amassed a cult following and Welliver has stepped seamlessly into the role of the sometimes insubordinate anti-hero, not always an easy feat considering the intense fan base of the books. Over the past 25 years, Connelly has sold 60 million copies that have been translated into 39 languages.

While Welliver has been on some of the most iconic shows on TV: Deadwood, Lost, The Good Wife and Sons of Anarchy, along with movies like Argo and The Town, his face might still be more recognizable than his name. This is the first title role for the 55 year-old veteran actor. With his blue eyes, skills with a firearm, and a penchant for rule-breaking (but only when necessary) he’s poised to be TV’s next hottest leading man.

A quick scroll through his social media feed will reveal that his fans have developed a serious crush (present company included) on the super sexy New Yorker. Bosch might be the strong silent type but Welliver was surprisingly chatty—and even more charming. If you’re not yet on the Bosch bandwagon, here are some fast facts about the star. He talks about the responsibility of bringing a long-beloved character to life, standing up to bullies, and what will get you blocked from his Twitter.

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He Didn't Feel Pressure Bringing Bosch to Life

Even Michael Connelly has said that Bosch now belongs to Titus Welliver. Despite taking on a character that already has a legion of devoted fans, Welliver said he wasn’t worried. “In all honesty I never felt any kind of pressure. The only thing I felt was a duty to serve this character. It would be a little deal with the devil because I, like most people who read, are connected to certain characters and we create our own physical idea and mental picture But I'm very, very grateful and appreciative of how the fans have really not only accepted, but really embraced me.”

He Likes Harry as Much as We Do

I like this Harry. The fans like him. I think it's funny, I always say ‘Despite the fact that he's a bit of a cactus at times, it's pretty hard to not like a person who has such a strong sense of morality.’ What's not to admire about a guy who sticks his elbows out and pushes past bureaucracy? I think we all, at some point, anyone who's even dealt with that, we root for that anti-hero who goes in and says "Hey, I'm not going to break any specific laws, but I'm not going to sit here and fill out 25 forms and do my job."

His 15-Year-Old Son Plays Young Harry Bosch

Welliver’s middle child, Quinn returns in season 3 flashbacks to the young Harry Bosch. He calls his son “a much better actor than he was at his age” but notes that he made himself scarce while he was performing. “Here's the thing. I have taken the position-and this season Quinn is several years older than he was from the first time he appeared on Bosch-I don't overly instruct him and I didn't micro manage him at all. I was impressed by the questions that he felt he needed to ask himself as an actor." Of his children, all of whom are interested in acting he tells us, “I want them to be able to call upon that gift and the ability that they have. Because if they should decide they really do want to pursue it for the long run, the only thing I've ever said to them is I think it's important to get some training. I've never sent my kids to any kind of an acting class or anything like that. I'm very hands off."

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He's Thrilled With the Fan Support of the Show, But Still Wants People to Read the Books

It surprised Welliver, who has teenage children, how many young people relate to the show, “I have a lot of younger people, late teens and early 20s, tell me how much they like the show. I always say ‘thank you very much, but go back to the source material because it's rich.’ To me, experiencing Harry in that way is important because they compliment each other, the books and the show. I wouldn’t want someone to experience one and not the other.”

He Still Gets Asked About Lost

“I always get Lost questions, that's just a show that lingers in the consciousness of the fan base. I think there's a continuous discovery of that show. This makes me happy, because I'm very proud of the work that I got to do, I think the show was really interesting and very different.”

He Has Always Stood Up to Bullies

There is a story circulating online about Welliver in high school. A former classmate came out as gay and was being bullied and called a fag by a group at a party. Welliver quickly came to his defense and after some back and forth Welliver asked the group "Which one of you is the strongest?" A large linebacker stepped forward and they all started laughing. The story goes that Titus punched the guy right in the mouth and down the jerk went and his friend was never bothered again. I mean, swoon.

Of his heroic high school bravery he says, “I grew up in a household that to make a collective statement about anyone because of the color of their skin or their sexual orientation, was wrong. And my experience was rarefied. I understand that. I grew up around gay men and women, at a time when people were living closeted.”

He's Not Afraid to Voice His Political Views on Twitter

Welliver is incredibly engaged with his fan base on Twitter and has no problem voicing his opinions. While most of his fan base is supportive, he’s had some disagree with his leanings. “I've had some very, very unpleasant things that I don't even want to repeat because I was called out being someone who supported gay people. Immediately, rather than engage those people, I just block them. I believe we all need to, now more than ever, need to speak up.”

On people who disagree with him, Welliver says, "That's fine, you can disagree with what I say as I can disagree with what you say. It doesn't make us mortal enemies." It's predominant in society. There's now an open license to be not only mean-spirited, but to be outright cruel, and to attack. To go on a really almost ruthless offensive against people who disagree with the outcome of the election and/or do not support this administration."

All 10 episodes of Bosch season 3 are now streaming on Amazon Prime. You’re welcome.