“Anyone wondering why I look like a fool?”

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Tim Gunn Making the Cut
Credit: Getty Images

There’s a first time for everything, and this time, it’s Tim Gunn trying streetwear.

On this week’s Making the Cut, Amazon’s new reality TV show, Gunn found himself in entirely unfamiliar territory — and no, we’re not talking about Tokyo, the new location for week three of Making the Cut. The reality TV host, known for mainly wearing impeccably tailored suits, was dressed by his fellow host Heidi Klum in streetwear for the first time, and his reaction was priceless.

Turning up to Tokyo’s iconic Tokyu Plaza in a pinstripe belted jumpsuit and brown oxfords, Tim asked Heidi, “What do you think?” to which Heidi pulled out a gray bucket hat. Cue the awkward side-glance from Tim to the camera crew. “You’re adorable!” said Heidi cheerfully to Tim once he had the hat on, which prompted him to respond with an uneasy “really?”

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn
Credit: Amazon

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The streetwear nightmare didn’t stop there for Tim, though, with Heidi next adding a fanny pack to his look. But the pièce de résistance was Heidi’s last addition: A pair of chunky white dad sneakers that prompted Tim to say “no” nine whole times. “These are hideous!” he said, later asking the contestants: “Anyone wondering why I look like a fool?”

Watching one of the most iconic TV hosts react to being entirely out of his comfort zone was reality TV gold, but Tim in streetwear isn’t the only must-watch moment from this week’s Making the Cut. The back-to-back episodes include a heated exchange between Naomi Campbell and her fellow judges (“How am I going to fight all three of you?”), a virtual judge (yeah, don’t ask), and, of course, some serious fashion.

Instead of spoiling them for you, it’s best that you witness these drama-fueled moments yourself. Catch up on last week’s episodes with your Prime membership, and watch the newest Making the Cut on Amazon Prime Video now.