Though I think we can all agree on Grace's coats.


Major The Undoing spoilers ahead.

The closure our nation has craved since Oct. 25 was delivered last night when a certain Jonathan Fraser (the most likely suspect) was revealed to be Elena Alves’s killer on HBO’s The Undoing.

For some, this was a moment of revelry: “I knew it all along!” viewers shouted at their indignant families, basking in the glow of victory just hours after Aunt Martha claimed with certainty that Grace had committed the crime during a dissociative episode. 

Even the best of us (Ava DuVernay) were led astray:

Sometimes the simplest answer is the most difficult to believe (my money was on Donald Sutherland):

Others, expecting the greatest Clue game of their lives to play out onscreen, were disappointed by the simplicity of the series’ finale reveal.

Still, there are truths we, The Undoing viewers, hold to be self-evident: Grace Fraser’s coat-game is unmatched, Haley Fitzgerald (Noma Dumezweni) is the world’s most badass lawyer, our mental image of Hugh Grant will forever be tied to that hammer, Lily Rabe deserved more (and so did Elena and Fernando). 

In conclusion: