By Mehera Bonner
Updated Sep 23, 2015 @ 5:15 pm

Scream Queens is finally here, and aside from it being completely gory, hilarious, and campy, it's incredibly stylish. Like, there's a reason four of the characters are named Chanel. Scream Queens took an incredible amount of care with their beauty looks (the hair team deserves a special shout out), and we're rounding up the best looks from the premiere episode. And no, Ariana Grande did not forgo her signature ponytail while filming this show. Let's not be crazy.

Could Emma Roberts be anymore elegant as Chanel? Sure, she's a cold-hearted pumpkin spice latte-obsessed Queen Bee, but look at her chignon game. Sleek,'d almost think she'd been styled by a fleet of forest creatures. The combination of dark brows and red lips gives Roberts an Old Hollywood look, but that could also have something to do with her caped dress.

Speaking of Old Hollywood glam, let's talk about Skyler Samuels as Grace. Much like Chanel, Scream Queens' glam squad seems to be going for a chic, classic beauty look, once again employing a bold red lip that plays dramatically with Grace's curled hair. Her vintage-esque outfit completes the vibe — it looks like she stepped right out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

OK, so first of all everyone needs to start matching their gloves to their power suits (you listening, Hillary Clinton?). But second of all, look at Chanel's blush! Instead of relying on contemporary contouring, the makeup team once again went with a vintage look for Chanel, placing round circles of visible blush on the apples of her cheeks. The result is doll-like perfection, which somehow makes her even more menacing.

One of the best hair looks so far is that of Chanel No. 3, who wears a fur earmuff throughout the pilot. Earmuffs were big in the early aughts when Gap sold them like it was their job (note: it was their job), but who knew they made such a great headband?

Don't worry, we didn't forget about Lea Michele. She spent the entire episode in a full body brace with middle-parted, mysteriously pinned hair. To be honest, she doesn't look terrible.

OK, her look is somewhat lacking here, but at least she's bolstered by the fabulous Keke Palmer, who's rocking mile-long hair, a bright pink lip and major blush. We're almost picking up '80s vibes. (Oh, and shout out to the style team for mixing up Grace's super vintage look by giving her a contemporary beanie.)

Finally, we have Ariana Grande (RIP, Chanel No. 2). Frankly, the only thing that distinguishes her Scream Queens beauty look from her every-day beauty look is that she isn't wearing cat ears.

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