By Shalayne Pulia
Updated Dec 08, 2017 @ 2:45 pm
The Crown 
Credit: Robert Viglasky/Netflix

Netflix's Golden Globe-winning series The Crown returns today. And in light of recent royal excitement (ahem, Prince Harry put a ring on it), we can't wait to get back into a world of British royalty.

For a show that's relatively dialogue heavy, its characters sure seem to find a way to say way more with a single look than they do with words. In honor of the lauded show's return, here are the best GIFs that say everything in one sigh, eye roll, or indescribable look from last season.

1. The Queenly Warning

2. The "This Is Hard For The Both Of Us" Look

3. The Queenly "Ugh"

4. The "I'm Relaxing Don't Bother Me"

5. The Disdainful Glare

6. The "I Don't Want To Accept What's Happening"

7. The "I Can't Believe What You're Asking of Me" Jaw Drop

8. The "I Love You"

9. The "Seriously, You're in Trouble"

10. The "We'll Get Through This"

When, oh when, will there be a The Crown emoji keyboard?