The dress took 14 weeks to complete.

By Christopher Luu
Nov 18, 2020 @ 6:43 pm
Credit: Des Willie

The Crown's costume designer, Amy Roberts, won an Emmy last year and if the newest season of the show is any indication, she may need to make room on her shelf for one more. In a video shared with Elle, The Crown's costume department takes fans behind the scenes of one of season 4's most iconic fashion moments: Princess Diana's wedding. Not only does the clip explain that the recreation took 14 weeks to finish and employed the same lace company as the original, it shows a few sweet moments from actor Emma Corrin, who plays Princess Diana.

"What do I remember? What do you think about? The sleeves, the bigness of that, and that huge, long, great train. That's what I have to achieve," Roberts told Elle of what she remembered from Diana's dress.

In a series of tweets, Netflix explained that the dress took "three people spending a collective 600 hours working, they had a dress. It's made of 95 metres of fabric and 100 metres of lace, with a train that is approximately 30 metres long." 

It also took five fittings — and Corrin says that the experience was so surreal that she got very emotional. So emotional, in fact, that she wondered whether or not she should have her mother there with her, since she was trying on am actual wedding dress.

"I remember the first one, I was like, 'Should my mum be here?' I was like, 'This is such a ... it is a wedding dress fitting. It might be the only one I do in my life,'" Corrin said.