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Calling all Shameless fans, we have big news for you! The show, which usually premieres in January, is back on Showtime tonight, Oct. 2, to kick off its seventh season. The series is always chock-full of crazy antics , and when it comes to finales, Shameless never disappoints. Remember when Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin) came back to life at the end of Season 4?! Last season was no different, as everything that seemed to maybe be coming together fell back apart. Read below for a refresher on where we left off with the Gallagher clan and beware: Season 6 finale spoiler alerts ahead.

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Lip (Jeremy Allen White) has been slowly falling apart for quite some time. He always seems to be just one bad decision away from really screwing up, and he finally got to that point by the end of last season. Expelled from college and sitting in jail after smashing up Professor Youens' car, it's the professor who bails Lip out, but on one condition: he goes to rehab. We see him dropped off outside of the rehab center, but we don't see him actually go inside, so we can't wait to find out if he ended up following through.

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Debbie (Emma Kenney) has taken on a lot of responsibility since becoming a teenage mother, but she's too proud and stubborn to accept help from anyone, especially Fiona (Emmy Rossum). When she takes baby Frances in for a checkup, the pediatrician notices bruises on the baby, and Debs admits to accidentally dropping her. Hopefully this season she starts taking better care of Frances--and herself.

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The culmination of the season was Fiona's impending wedding which, based on Shameless standards, we knew deep down wouldn't end well. So naturally, when Frank (William H. Macy) shows up uninvited, he reveals to everyone that her fiancee, Sean (Dermot Mulroney), has been using drugs again. Sean can't deny it and he doesn't even bother trying to fix things, so we left off with yet another of Fiona's relationships in complete shambles.

In the final scene, we see Frank get thrown off a bridge, which, let's be honest, isn't even the craziest thing that's happened to him throughout the series. Rewatch the Season 6 finale on Showtime, and tune in at 9 PM tonight to see where the Gallaghers pick back up.

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