By Angela Salazar
Updated Sep 30, 2016 @ 4:15 pm
Credit: Amazon Studios

If you’ve been watching Miley Cyrus on this season’s The Voice (or, really, at any point in her career), you’re familiar with her colorful style and envelope-pushing antics. But get ready to see a drastically different side of the 23 year old star on Amazon’s new show, Crisis in Six Scenes.

Written and produced by Woody Allen, the six-episode series is set in a wealthy 1960s Connecticut suburb, against the backdrop of the Vietnam War. It centers around Allen’s character, novelist Sidney Munsinger, and his marriage counselor wife Kay, whose lives are disrupted when Lennie Dale (Cyrus) turns up in the middle of the night. An anti-establishment war protester attempting to hide from authorities, Lennie Dale brings an element of excitement and adventure to the Munsinger household--and offers some relief from Allen’s often rambling dialogue.

Credit: Amazon Studios

While the show teams with Allen’s signature style, Cyrus adds a much-needed youthfulness to the series. Donning long, blond hair, and clad in flared denim, and ponchos, Cyrus fits into the '60s rebel-rouser role surprisingly well, and reminds us that she can hold her own in almost any situation, even against a comedy legend.

In the end, the show is best matched with Woody Allen devotees, but it’s also worth a watch if you’re curious to see Cyrus tackling a new character, or just looking for something to binge after Transparent is over. After all, it’s commitment-light, with each of the six episodes clocking in at just 30 minutes.

Crisis in Six Scenes is available on Amazon beginning today, Sept. 30.