Pick your favorite hashtag and go forth: #Ezria #Haleb #Spoby

By Mehera Bonner
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 10:30 am
Pretty Little Liars Cast Lead
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

In case you hadn't noticed the insane time jump, the cast of Pretty Little Liars is all grown up. These full-time sleuths are full-fledged adults with real responsibilities — including, but not limited to, trying not to get murdered by the town's local psycho. But hey, at least one of them's getting married next season!

Word on the street (read: showrunner Marlene King's Twitter feed) is that someone's walking down the aisle during PLL's upcoming season and we're ready to start placing bets. Now, while fans are clearly praying for an Ezra + Aria wedding special, keep in mind that all the liars (except Emily, poor thing) are committed — and two of them are engaged.

There will be a #PLLWedding in season 7. #MostRomanticSeasonEver

Not only is Hanna gearing up to say "I do" to her new fiance (who's name definitely isn't Caleb, by the way), Allison's currently hooking up with the show's new villain. Of course, Spencer could also be an option due to her undying love for Toby, but considering she's hung up on Caleb (who's hung up on Hanna), we're thinking their union is pretty far fetched at this point.

So who's it going to be? Unclear, but any PLL wedding is sure to be a highly fashionable affair. With that in mind, we're RSVP-ing yes, yes, a thousand times yes.