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If you caught the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars last night, then, like us, you're probably still reeling from all the revelations that started rolling in about as quickly as the opening credits. Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario and Sasha Pieterse are back, and boy did they come in hot with the drama! In true PLL fashion, there were some shocking confirmations right off the bat (Spencer's dad is a dirtbag), some eyebrow-raising moments (Mona's acting a little shifty again) and a whole lot of ominous music to set the tone for what will undoubtedly be the best season yet.

As much as we love this show, there's one thing about it that really grinds our gears: the unanswered questions. Every season, the Liars get one step closer to revealing who "A" is, but they can never definitively nail down the culprit. We get it—without this and other pivotal questions hanging in the balance, there would be no show. But now that we've entered the final 10 episodes of the series we've dedicated seven years of our lives to (yes, seven years!), we deserve some answers, and we won't rest until we get them!

Read on for the top five questions we want to see answered on this season of Pretty Little Liars, and tune in to the final episodes Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform. Oh, and proceed with caution—there are some season premiere spoilers ahead!

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1. What's Going to Happen With Aria and Ezra?

The Romeo and Juliet of Rosewood can't go five minutes without a major roadblock in their relationship. First, it was their age difference (for our own mental health, we've finally let go of how disturbing it was for a high school teacher to be dating a student), and now Ezra's ex Nicole is back from the dead—literally. Last season the pair got engaged, but can their relationship survive this final test?

2. So, Mary Drake is Spencer's Biological Mother. Now What?

Boy, was this a shock. It was revealed last season that Mary Drake had given birth to another child in addition to Charles (aka Charlotte aka CeCe ... it's complicated) while locked up in Radley, but the identity of that child was only hinted at until last night. It was Spencer! Apparently, her dad, Mr. Hastings, cheated on her mother again, and impregnated Mary Drake with the child, who would be plucked from her mother at birth and raised in the Hastings household. He's the worst! If you'll recall, another one of his indiscretions resulted in a son, one Jason DiLaurentis. So, what does this mean for Spencer? The girl got shot in the season 7A finale (don't worry, she's OK!) and now her entire life as she knows it is being called into question. Can she handle it?

Credit: Eric McCandless/Freeform

3. How is This Ali/Emily/Paige Dynamic Going to Play Out?

Ali, Emily, and Paige all work at their alma mater Rosewood High School now, and Ali's already having a hard time playing nice. The three have always had a strained relationship, with Emily caught in the middle of two people who are (kind of) in love with her. But now that they're faculty, will they be able to keep things kosher? In the past, Ali would have just hurled some mean names at Paige (remember "pig skin"? Rude!) and kept it moving, but these days, those kind of antics could cost Ali her job. Will these women resort to their dramatic school girl ways? And how will Ali's pregnancy play into this? It kind of seems like she's already using the baby as leverage to keep Paige and Emily apart.

4. Is Mona Friend or Foe?

Mona has always been a wildcard. At one point she was the ringleader of the "A" team, then she was locked up in Radley, and now she's somehow found her way back into the good graces of the Liars. But right off the bat in the season 7B premiere, Mona's acting funny again. She's taken an oddly intense interest in Hanna's burgeoning fashion career, but she's already gone too far by misleading a potential client to believe that she has more ownership than she really does. Luckily Hanna set her straight right away, but it just makes us wonder if Mona has more tricks up her sleeve.

5. Who the Heck is "A.D."?!

We aren't guessing at this anymore. From "A", to "Uber A" to "A.D.", the torturous character has been causing headaches from the very beginning. We've been promised a reveal, but we can't help but feel like it's not going to be the kind of answer we've been waiting for. We want a clear answer, and we want to receipts to prove it. Give the people what they want!