These costumes are everything.

By Tessa Petak
Apr 08, 2021 @ 10:15 am

The Powerpuff Girls are back in action. On Wednesday, the cast of the live-action series Powerpuff was spotted shooting the pilot episode in Atlanta. Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Yana Perrault will star in the CW's reboot series, alongside Robyn Lively and Scrubs star Donald Faison as Professor Utonium, the creator and "father" of the Powerpuff Girls.

The actresses all wore the character's signature sleeveless, colored dresses — Cameron in blue as Bubbles, Bennet in Pink as Blossom, and Perrault in Green as Buttercup. And of course, Cameron sported Bubble's signature pigtails, while Bennet's red-tinted hair was pulled half back, and Perrault rocked her curls. The scene they were shooting showed the girls springing into action, with Bennet attached to cords in order to fly away.

Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, Chloe Bennet
Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault, Chloe Bennet
| Credit: Backgrid

According to Deadline, the reboot will follow the girls, now 20-somethings, who resent having to fight crime their whole childhood. When the world needs them most, they must decide if they should reunite. Blossom now finds herself "anxious and reclusive" as she tries to lead the girls once again. Bubbles is initially only interested in reuniting for the fame aspect, and Buttercup has spent her adult life trying to shed her tough exterior and live anonymously.

The show is written by Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier and directed by Maggie Kiley and will be produced by Berlanti Productions and Vita Vera Films in association with Warner Bros. Television. The cast is filming the pilot in hopes of receiving a series order.