By Janelle Grodsky
Updated May 22, 2016 @ 9:45 am
Credit: Starz

Did you watch last night's new episode of Outlander? If you're like us, you covered your eyes for the majority of the hour-long drama. In fact, most of the episode left us sad and angry. Why are you toying with our hearts, Episode 7?

First—spoiler alert—Claire (Caitriona Balfe) gives birth to a stillborn baby and then comes down with a fever that almost kills her. Luckily, Master Raymond sneaks in to the charity hospital to save her, but we're left to watch her cope with the death of her child—heartbreaking! Then we find out what happens to Fergus. Between that storyline and Claire's meeting with the King of France, this episode crushed us.

One particular moment lifted our spirits though: when Claire's magical necklace detects poison and changes colors! When the King asks Claire to decide the fate of Master Raymond and St. Germain, she gives the two men a potentially lethal concoction. Her necklace swirls to black just before she serves Le Comte, indicating that the drink he's about to ingest is indeed poisonous (thanks to Master Raymond). Of course, we don't want to see the handsome (albeit pretty evil) St. Germain die, but it was fascinating to see the poison necklace in action. Not only that, Claire flexes her #girlboss power and shows the King that she's strong and unafraid of his antics.

Next week, Claire and Jamie head back to Scotland—finally! Tune in to Starz every Saturday at 9 P.M. for new episodes of Outlander.