By Janelle Grodsky
Jun 26, 2016 @ 7:30 am

Next week, Outlander will wrap up its second season with the Battle of Cullodena battle that will defeat the Jacobite army for good. Last night's episode saw Jamie and Claire Fraser (Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe) still attempting to change the course of history by urging the clan to surprise attack the British before Culloden. As much as they try though, history refuses to alter and the battle inevitably looms closer and closer.

Throughout all of their trials this season, Claire has proven again and again that she's a major asset to the Scottish Highlanders. Aside from attempting to sway history in their favor, she has also saved lives with her medical expertise and sacrificed herself to benefit them. Last night was no different. In fact, there were three key times during the episode that she literally saved the day.

Check them out below. Then, tune in to the season finale of Outlander on Saturday, July 9th at 9 p.m. ET!

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Claire grants Collum Mackenzie his dying wish: Collum Mackenzie arrives at Inverness with a plan to die quickly and painlessly. He asks Claire to help and she obliges, giving him a vial that will do the trick. Of course, she doesn't want him to die, but she understands that his pain has become too much to handle, so she does the right thing and gives him what he needs.



She concocts an elixir for Alex Randall: Mary Hawkins attemps to nurse Alex back to health, but Claire warns her that he's dying and incurable. At first, Claire hestitates to help Alex because of the hatred she feels for his brother, Black Jack Randall. She eventually sets aside those feelings though to help ease Alex's painful cough, giving him a smoke treatment that soothes his lungs for a short time before he passes. 



She blackmails Black Jack Randall into giving her war plans: Although she does eventually help Alex, she uses it as leverage against Black Jack Randall. She knows Randall will do anything to save his brother, so she demands that he give her the British army location in exchange for easing Alex's pain. He takes the bait and gives her their location.