Among other unmissable moments from the final episodes.

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Making the Cut Hug
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...And we have a winner!

After weeks of intense competition, emotional confessions, and dramatic clapbacks by none other than judge (and reality TV queen) Naomi Campbell, Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum’s newest fashion competition show, Making the Cut, finally unveiled its final winning designer, and you can see the decision for yourself here. The competition, which started with 12 contestants, was whittled down to three designers who fought for their chance to win $1 million and the opportunity to start a label on Amazon Fashion.

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But the road to success — specifically, reality TV success — is paved with drama, and of course there was plenty in the grand finale. The back-to-back episodes started with a pop-up shop challenge that required the final three contestants to create their own storefront where guests and judges were able to shop their looks immediately. The finalists all produced stunning results, with the judges struggling to decide who to eliminate.

Their ultimate decision, though, might prove to be an unpopular one, considering how much fans of the show have rallied around this contestant. And it’s clear that it was a difficult decision as Tim Gunn himself welled up at the choice. “Your trajectory is phenomenal,” said Tim, who choked up as he embraced the first designer in the finale to go.

This wasn’t the only time from the final episodes where you’ll see the typically stoic Gunn cry, though. The two remaining designers in episode 10 were tasked with creating a full runway show on a New York City rooftop, and when the first contestant’s looks stepped on the catwalk, Tim couldn’t stop himself from getting emotional again. “I welled up with tears,” said the host with pride, who couldn’t hold his composure.

However, the other judges weren’t as happy with parts of this designer’s show, as Nicole Richie compared one of the looks to something out of Dexter. “It’s a little murderer,” said Richie, whose comment took Campbell aback. “What did you say, Nicole?” asked the supermodel, and Richie added “It’s a little Dexter.”

The judges were stuck in a virtual deadlock by the end of the night. Both contestants had created strong collections that had the judges furiously debating the results. Klum, Campbell, and Richie talked over one another in an argument about whether taste mattered more than commerciality, while Joseph Altuzarra tried to remind others of the goal. “A global brand means you have someone with a vision,” he said. “At the end of the day, if you were investing your money in a business, would you rather invest in her business or his?”

While Klum and Campbell agreed on their winning choice, Altuzarra and Chiara Ferragni chose the other. The deciding vote came down to Richie, whose decision may prove to be another unpopular one from the back-to-back episodes considering the popularity of the losing finalist. We won’t spoil their identities for you, so find out who wins in the finale here. Stream the show for free with your Prime membership, or sign up for a 30-day free Prime trial to discover the controversial winner of Making the Cut.