Kristen Bell has re-entered the chat.

By Isabel Jones
May 28, 2021 @ 11:51 am

After months (years?) of anticipation, the moment we've been awaiting is here. Kristen Bell's omniscient voice has returned for the very first Gossip Girl trailer (of the last decade, at least). And the series now has both a release date (July 8!), and layers of wealthy Upper East Side teen intrigue. 

In the first look at the new series, we see the new cast in all its glory, taking selfies and trading secrets, Gossip Girl's signatures X's and O's appearing everywhere (in character's earrings and cocktails and ring lights). The new crew, made up of relative newcomers like Jordan Alexander and Zión Moreno as well as more established faces like Tavi Gevinson and Thomas Doherty, lounges in an impossibly upscale and well-lit bar, all the while the titular UES secret-keeper looms, sending out what appears to be a game-changing blast. 

Cut to the next gen:

Gossip Girl Teaser
Credit: HBO Max

July 8 cannot come soon enough.