Headbands are out, threesomes are in. 

The steps of the Met are no longer exclusively pigeon-pooping grounds. That's right, the Upper East Side elite are back, all familial wealth and effortless cool. And this time they have social media and a Frank Ocean soundtrack.

The first trailer for HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot launched on Thursday, welcoming viewers back to the hotbed of rich kid teen drama for which the series is known. But the players are brand new: Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander), Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak), Max Wolfe (Thomas Doherty), Audrey Hope (Emily Alyn Lind), Obie Bergmann (Eli Brown), Luna La (Zion Moreno), Aki Menzies (Evan Mock), and Monet de Haan (Savannah Smith). 

Aside from the overt displays of wealth and privilege (a Gossip Girl staple), the new trailer is notably … horny. Could it be mistaken as some strangely upscale Too Hot to Handle hybrid? Yes, and we'd expect nothing less. 

Luckily, we have less than a month to go! Gossip Girl hits HBO Max on July 8.