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As The Good Wife comes to an end, after it's seven-year reign on television, InStyle spoke to the show’s accomplished costume designer Dan Lawson (you've also seen his work on tv's Limitless and Lipstick Jungle, to name a few). We picked our most memorable looks from the show and got the scoop from Lawson about what each look meant to him and why viewers won’t be able to stop thinking about them after the show ends this Sunday.

Make sure to tune in and especially be on the look for this Lawson pick. ”I was totally in love with this beautiful multi-toned jacket custom made by Lafayette 148, which you haven't seen yet because it is from the finale! When we had our fitting we knew she was going off to clown college," Lawson jokingly told InStyle. “Jules and I had the fitting. She said, ‘This is amazing!’ and it just worked so well for what needed to happen in that episode.”

See below for more from Lawson on The Good Wife’s strongest looks.

Alicia's Coming Out-fit Season 1, Episode 2 (see, top): [This costume was]…incredibly sentimental. it was sort of like, okay I got one under my belt, I can do this. It kind of gave me the confidence like, “Oh! Okay, we did it!” I know this is Julianna Margulies, I know she’s like a big deal, I know she’s a big star, she’s the lead of the show, okay, we got her in one. Onward and upward!

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Suit of Armor Season 5, Episode 16: [Alicia] finds out that Will has been killed. I’m like crying the whole time and thinking, “Oh my god, I can’t believe Josh is leaving," because you know, Josh was so lovely. Alicia was at a fundraiser so I knew I wanted her to look really good and look like money, but then it needed to sort of turn into armor, if you will. This was a green and black changeable silk suit, the sheen of the fabric really did that for me and gave me that sense of, “Oh my god, now she’s armored.” The emotion…she’s vulnerable, and so I just felt like it worked.

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The Double Take Look Season 2, Episode 23; Season 5, Episode 10: This was a cream dress with a matching jacket. I went with white/cream because I wanted it to look innocent and virginal and at the same time, I also wanted it to be strong. I think white is a very strong color, it’s a very strong choice to put somebody in white. I loved how it looked so appropriate for court and very classic, and then when she was sitting at the bar with him [Will] and the jacket’s off and you see her shoulders, neck, and clavicle, and you just think, “Wow, this is actually kind of sexy!” It really stood out so, the writers actually wrote it into the script that she put on the same outfit later down the road when she was trying to throw Will off of his game in court.

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The Hopeful Dress Season 5, Episode 17: Right after Will’s funeral and Alicia wore this black dress, it fit her beautifully and it had this wonderful asymmetrical neckline. The dress was 35DL (a dress from Lawson's line which he works on with a partner in London). I loved that the neckline was new and incredibly modern. It’s like, the wounded widow’s dress and all that. I wanted to go really modern and show that she was sort of thinking ahead or that there was sort of hope in that outfit, I felt the neckline gave us that.

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The Marie Antoinette collar 'Let them Eat Soup!' Season 6, Episode 8: Alicia is working at the soup kitchen and she's in this super light-colored suit. One of the writers had written in the script, someone calling her Marie Antoinette, and I was like "Oh! I should do something where she's got a thick/standing collar!" I wanted a more modern take on a period collar and she's wearing this white/light colored brocade in the soup kitchen and it's completely inappropriate, but it doesn't even register with her that she's wearing it and someone looks at her and calls her Marie Antoinette! The piece from Lafayette 148 was perfect and did all the things that I wanted it to do. Julianna thought it was hysterical, she thought, "Of course she's wearing this at a soup kitchen and she's scrubbing pots in it."