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The third season of Jane the Virgin kicks off tonight and we can't wait to dive back into our favorite telenova. Last season's finale left us on the edge of our seats, with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) marrying Michael (Brett Dier) in a beautiful ceremony. After two seasons, we thought she might lose her virginity on her wedding night, but instead, her new husband gets shot!

The biggest question for Season 3 is whether or not Michael survives his bullet wound. One thing is for sure: the first episode will be heartwrenching no matter the outcome.

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"Just by reading the first episode, it's probably the most challenging episode in the two years that I've been on Jane," Rodriguez reveals about what to expect in the third season. "We're growing up and it's a transformation. There's transitions. There's growth. There's pain. There's life. There's so much—Jennie [Snyder Urman, showrunner] is so smart."

Rodriguez says the show gets better every year though. "After the first season, you get so scared because in the second season, you're like, 'I hope we do as good as we did last year,' she says. "And then, I felt like it was even better. I'm talking about the writing, the crew, every element. The special effects got better. Everything got better. This year, it's like, we got to not only bring our A-game, but the writers are definitely bringing their A-game too."

Tune in to the CW tonight, Oct. 17, at 9 p.m. ET to catch the season premiere of Jane the Virgin.

--with reporting by Carita Rizzo