Lauren Graham on GG - Lead
Credit: ©Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

For seven glorious seasons, Lorelai Gilmore proved that there was nothing she couldn’t do. From doling out motherly advice to running her own business, the wittiest woman in Stars Hollow somehow managed to do it all—and in heels, no less. Sure, she made a few mistakes along the way, but Lorelai (played by Lauren Graham) never claimed to be perfect, and she certainly never lost sight of who she was or what she wanted. She was stubborn, independent, and determined—and we couldn’t get enough of her.

In honor of Netflix’s series revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, premiering on Nov. 25, we’re taking a look back at Lorelai’s top #girlboss moments. Scroll down to relive them for yourself, with appropriate Lorelai commentary in GIF form where necessary.

1. When Lorelai left her privileged upbringing behind in order to escape her controlling parents, moving to Stars Hollow as a 16-year-old single mom and supporting herself and her daughter, Rory, by working as an inn maid.

2. When Lorelai joined the Booster Club at Rory’s school, Chilton, and offered to host their upcoming charity fashion show at her inn. Not to mention, she even walked the runway as a model during the event.

3. When Lorelai went back to college and graduated with a business degree—all while working a full-time job and single-handedly raising Rory.

4. When Lorelai and Sookie started the Independence Catering Company to fund renovations for their own inn after the Independence Inn burned down.

5. When Rory was homesick on her first day at Yale, and Lorelai quickly rushed to her side and hosted a dorm-wide takeout food contest to judge the best local options (and her ratings system ranked the quality of food, speed of service, and delivery-guy cuteness, of course).

6. When, after years of managing the Independence Inn, Lorelai and her BFF Sookie finally opened an inn of their own, called The Dragonfly.

7. When Lorelai proposed marriage to Luke, because she’s a modern-day woman like that.

8. When Lorelai wrote a glowing character reference letter for Luke to be read at the custody hearing for his daughter, April—even though they were no longer together.

9. When repeatedly over the course of the series, Lorelai refused her parents’ financial help—unless it was to further Rory’s education, which was her top priority.