By Samantha Simon
Updated Jul 19, 2016 @ 3:00 pm
Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Difficult People is known for having what can only be described as a revolving door of hilarious guest stars. The Hulu series’ second season kicked off last week with cameos by Tina Fey, Sandra Bernhard, Nathan Lane, and Megan Hilty, to name a few. And this week’s episode—which is available for streaming today, July 19—doesn’t disappoint in the guest star department.

The episode begins with Julie (Julie Klausner) and Billy (Billy Eichner) visiting a gay bar in New Jersey on “Coming Out Day.” With the Hudson River separating the duo from the Manhattan-based world that knows them, they decide to embrace new, fictional personas. While Julie works her accidentally-permed hairstyle to her advantage and passes herself off as an Italian local, Billy pretends that he just came out in order to score the night’s two-for-one drink special. His declaration is overheard by a smooth-talker named Joey, played by Mark Consuelos, who proceeds to give Billy a series of lessons in gay culture, or “Gay 101,” as he welcomes him to “the tribe.”

In true Difficult People style, things continue to get ridiculously out-of-hand from there—and Consuelos was excited to get in on the action. “I think the show is brilliant,” he recently told InStyle. “It’s just really, really funny. The stuff that doesn’t make it on camera is sometimes even funnier than what makes it on camera.” Before taking on the role, Consuelos did his homework. “I binge-watched the whole first season in an afternoon,” he said. “I love the fact that it’s shot in New York and is such a New York show. Obviously, it’s a heightened version of what happens in the city—but I think that every New Yorker can relate to it.”

The setting also makes it easier for the show to score many guest stars who are based in the city, Consuelos included. “One of the great things about New York is that it’s not just an industry town, but there are a lot of great theater and music, and film and TV people here that are here, just living their lives,” he said. “They may work in other places, but they choose to live in New York. Obviously some people still fly in to do the show, but I think the show has definitely taken advantage of having people that live here—and I’m blown away by some of the guest stars that they get.”

As for his own guest appearance, Consuelos had to look the part. But despite the fact that he lifts up his shirt to reveal his abs and chest in one scene, the actor didn’t hit the gym harder before filming. “I did not prepare for that,” he said, laughing. “They actually asked me to do it on the spot, and I thought it was hilarious. But I didn’t work out for it at all—I don’t even remember what the scene looks like!”

Still, there was one physical element of his character that Consuelos made sure to get just right. “I did work on the hair,” he said. “You’ll notice that my hair was a little high and big and bouffant-y. That’s how I usually start with my characters—it all starts with the hair.”

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