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Jun 30, 2016 @ 5:15 pm
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I have always been a huge fan of The Office, both the American and British versions, so this news of a British Office spinoff movie has me super duper excited. 



Based on the above trailer, it looks like David Brent: Life on the Road will be just as uncomfortable as the original series, and that brings me much joy. I find awkward humor oddly soothing, and will often put on an episode of either Office when I need to be distracted from my stupid problems or lulled into a state of calm so that I may slumber. 

I don't even know how many times I've seen seasons 2-5 of the American series, but it's enough that I can pretty much recite the entire episode without much trouble. But it's not the only show I use as a sort of security blanket. If things are truly dire, I will throw on an episode or five of Star Trek: The Next Generation because nothing is more calming than Patrick Stewart's sexy voice. (I also find the episode "Data's Day" to be almost hypnotic, for some reason.)

It seems like everyone has a show or two they put on for this type of purpose, so I asked my fellow writers and editors for theirs. I'd love to hear yours too!



"For me, it has always been and will always be Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I got to stay up past my bedtime (until 8PM! Like a boss!) to watch it when I was little and it really shaped my whole consciousness, especially in terms of what love is and what love is not (no other seven year olds on the playground understood that sometimes, no matter what, you can’t spend your life living happily ever after with your true love. Sometimes, you have to stab them through the chest with a broadsword. And then move to L.A.) I’ve gone back probably four or five times in the course of my adult life and re-watched the entire series, usually when someone I love has run me through with a broadsword and I realize I can’t spend my life with them. Buffy and the Scooby Squad is family and light in perpetual darkness. "

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Art Streiber/NBC

"Is it weird that mine is Law & Order: SVU? I’m pretty sure that’s weird." 


"Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls are totally my comfort shows — they're so quirky and weird and delightfully surreal. That said, my old standbys remain Buffy, Angel, Veronica Mars, and Six Feet Under, all of which I keep returning to even if they're not necessarily comforting in the traditional sense!" 


"Sorry I'm late to the party!

"All the Star Treks, but TNG and Voyager are the heavy hitters for me. Picard and Janeway soothe my soul. If I need to laugh, Arrested Development and King of the Hill are guaranteed every time. I especially love the King of the Hill where Bobby takes the clowning class and creates the character of 'Tartuffe the Spry Wonder Dog.'"



"Not to be that bitch but mine is Sex & the City. It's not even so much the plot of the show, but I love watching the progression of Carrie's hair, I love hearing their voices, I love Mr. Big. I also love that they're ride or die for each other and they're faulted people.

"And the ~fashions~ ~*~*~*~~*~*~*~~*~*~~*"

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"I use TV for comforting purposes ALL THE TIME so I have a few answers. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is the biggest one, obviously. Also I've seen all of Deadwood, Deep Space Nine, Home Movies (this was an animated series on the early Adult Swim) and the original BBC/Granada series of Sherlock Holmes dozens and dozens of times.

More recently, Bojack Horseman is turning into a watch-over-and-over series, which is surprising because it's SO bleak, but so hilarious."