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One more episode of Game of Thrones remains, and that means there’s only one chance left to see Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) do something useful.

For several seasons now, one of the series’ most powerful characters has done a whole lot of nothing. Bran is a greenseer: a person with the ability to view the past, omniscient present, and potential future. Having this kind of knowledge could come in super handy in, say, consulting with the generals of the gigantic battle his people are about to fight. But there have been two of those already and Bran didn’t help anyone as far as we know.

To a viewer’s eye, Bran prefers to keep whatever wisdom he has to himself, and ride out the Long Night under a Godswood tree, talking vaguely about, like, humanity, man, sounding like your cousin who just went to Burning Man for the first time. Sometimes he also likes to go glassy-eyed and disappear into a bird. Literally what is he even doing? But there’s no way the showrunners of this series have devoted so much airtime to a character who would actually prove utterly useless by the show’s end. (Unless they made like a Starbucks cup and Jaime Lannister’s fake hand and plum forgot he was there.) So let’s dive into a few fan theories about what Bran will do in the series finale — because you know he's been up to something.

Warg Into a Dragon

Bran has the capability to enter the minds of animals and control their thoughts and movement. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has a fire-breathing dragon capable of mass destruction. She also loves her dragon like a baby, and at this point in the series, Drogon is probably the only character she’ll let close to her. Bran could jump into Drogon’s body and take out the Mad Queen with a single “Dracarys.” With Daenerys’ emergence as the show’s ultimate villain, the only potential chance for peace means that Miss-Stormborn-if-you’re-nasty has gotta go. Wouldn’t it be nice if Bran took leave of his favorite tree for a hot second to help out his (not actual) brother, Jon Snow, who really hates having to do hard things?

Give Sansa Some Useful Secrets

Bran has shown his ability to view other peoples’ past, as seen when he told his sister Sansa (Sophie Turner) that she looked beautiful at her wedding to Ramsey (really? THAT’S the memory you bring up, Bran? Read the room!). And earlier in season 8 he said he’d been spending a lot of time in the past lately. Why? What is he finding out? Whatever it is, Bran should sit down with Sansa and tell. Her. Everything. Sansa has proven herself to be a smart and capable leader, and with the added benefit of learning everyone else’s business, she’d be the best player in the Game (not to mention, what with all the deaths lately, she’s kind of the remaining People’s Champ in terms of who we want to win). It would be nice to see a worthy leader end up on the Iron Throne — or whatever is left of it.

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Get Arya in the Same Room As Daenerys

A common theory on the final scene in “The Bells,” Season 8, Episode 5, or the penultimate in the series, is that Bran used his warg powers to send the white horse into the ruins of King’s Landing to help his sister Arya (Maisie Williams). If Bran-as-Drogon doesn’t happen, Arya might be the Realm’s next best chance at taking out the Mad Queen. Melisandre (Carice van Houten) reminded her during the "Long Night" of her vision of eyes that Arya would shut forever: “Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes.” The reference to green eyes screamed Cersei at the time, but now that a collapsing building took her out of the equation, signs point to another Emerald-eyed Queen. While all Targaryens have purple eyes in the novels, Daenerys, as played by Emilia Clarke, has green eyes. (Guess Maisie Williams is the only one willing to permanently alter herself for this role.) How cool would it be to see Arya finally fulfill her mission to kill the Queen with a special assist from Bran?

Revisit The Prophesy of the Prince Who Was Promised

Melisandre might have gotten the details of the prophecy of Azor Ahai wrong a few times (hey, you try translating High Valyrian), but Bran has access to much more accurate visions than the Red Woman’s fire readings. Fans have been dying to know for years if the prophecy will pan out, and if it now means that Jon Snow (Kit Harington) must sacrifice his love to save the Realm. Jon can be a little slow on the uptake, so a vision from Bran might be just the thing he needs to take action.

With a single episode left for the rest of this saga to unfold, let’s hope that we get to see some key action from Bran. After all, his disobeying his mother’s request to not climb the castle walls is what got us into this whole mess in the first place.