By Courtney Higgs
Updated Aug 04, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
Courtesy VH1

Season two of VH1's Barely Famous came to a close last week, and we'll admit that we weren't exactly ready for the laughs to end. Just as we anticipated (based on the hilarious first season), the funny moments this time around were abundant; there were some super awkward exchanges with celebrity guest stars, some desperate attention seeking and even some deliciously cringe-worthy faux pas that left us sinking in our seats.

But aside from the satirical, Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque humor, there was another aspect of this season that really piqued our interest: Erin and Sara Foster's wardrobes, of course! Although their characters on the show are a bit, shall we say, thirsty, the Foster sisters each nail a unique brand of Los Angeles cool-girl style.

Courtesy of VH1

Per usual, Erin's signature florals and Sara's elegant turtleneck and pleated skirt combos were seriously on point. This is all thanks to the show's wardrobe stylist, Jamie Mizrahi (you may know her by her maiden name, Schneider), who pulled from her personal knowledge of the sisters Foster to help create an authentic and effortless aesthetic for the show. Mizrahi, who runs with an enviable girl squad—hello, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie were guests at her April wedding!—is no stranger to creating jaw dropping looks for Hollywood's A-List. She's styled starlets like Ashley Benson, Katy Perry, and even the Fosters themselves (in real life), so when it came to dressing the two wannabe famous characters, Mizrahi knew exactly how to play it.

If you're like us and still fiending for more on Barely Famous, then you'll love the behind-the-scenes wardrobe secrets Mizrahi shared exclusively with InStyle. Read on for her thoughts for each of the characters' wardrobes, as well as her favorite looks of the season!

Courtesy VH1

Mizrahi's pick for Erin's best look of the season: "I love the one where Erin’s on [The Bachelor spoof] ... I would probably be like, 'Erin would probably never wear that!'"

(Dress by Solace London)

Erin's go-to look: "On the show, I would say her go-to was a little floral dress, a gingham shirt around her waist, and some flat sandals—a little more casual. Occasionally she would do a dress with some heels or booties, but just your everyday, typical L.A. girl."

Erin's favorite brands: "Frame Denim, Levi’s, Petit Bateau T-shirts, Reformation, Isabel Marant, Michael Kors."

Erin IRL versus Erin on the show: I definitely think Erin [in real life] is more classic. She dresses kind of like her character but not as 'girl-next-door.' She’ll always be chic in jeans, a sweater, a peacoat, and a pair of flats or sneakers. It’s never over-the top or too much. She’ll always do a floral but it’s not going to be as kitschy as an L.A. girl, with a purse and the lace-up flats. It’s not as stylized in real life. It’s a little more natural."

Courtesy VH1

Mizrahi's pick for Sara's best look of the season: "The one where she was with her girl squad and we wanted her to be super cool in a short skirt jumper with a tight shirt."

(Jumper by Madewell; Shirt by Reformation)

Sara's go-to look: "She's always put in these situations where she's like, 'I'll do whatever I need to be doing to fit in.' She’d always be in heels and a tight dress. Whereas Sarah in real life is so chill and cool and dressed down, always in jeans and a T-shirt. She can get dressed up at night for sure and look amazing, but she wouldn’t typically wear a short skirt during the day with overalls and a choker."

Sara's favorite brands: "Levi’s, Cushnie et Ochs, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Reformation."

Sara IRL versus Sara on the show: "As Sarah [on the show] is going out and getting photographed and trying to be seen, she’s not wearing workout pants and a sweatshirt, which is what I know Sarah to wear during the day. That, or jeans and loafers, and a cute sweater. On the show, she’s going to be in heels and a low-V dress—something that’s more out there."