By Samantha Simon
Updated Mar 28, 2016 @ 2:30 pm
Tyler Henry
Credit: Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Ever since Hollywood Medium first premiered on E! in January, 20-year-old clairvoyant Tyler Henry has been captivating audiences with his supernatural abilities and celebrity clientele—so it came as no surprise when the show was picked up for a second season a few weeks back. We’ve seen Henry meet with everyone from Bella Thorne and Olivia Culpo to Boy George and Amber Rose onscreen—and even though we only get to see segments of each reading during the hour-long block on Sunday nights (10 p.m. ET), some of Henry’s readings take much longer than others.

“Every reading is different as far as timing, so some will last a half hour and others will last three hours,” Henry told InStyle when he recently visited our New York City offices. On next week’s season finale, we’ll get to see the trimmed-down version of one of Henry’s longest celebrity readings to date with Carmen Electra. “That reading went on for about four hours,” he revealed. Scroll down for our full interview with Henry as the first season of Hollywood Medium wraps up.

If you could choose one star to read, who would it be?
Cher would be my dream. That would be amazing, and I really think she’d be into it because she’s had readings before. Maybe one day, on like season 12! It’s a very personal thing, so it’s a matter of getting people who are going to be open and willing to show that part of their personal life.

You’ve learned so many intimate details about celebrities. During a reading, do you ever leave anything out as you see it?
I do feel like it’s my responsibility to deliver information in a way that’s going to be sensitive to my client’s feelings, but I’m not so much responsible for what I see. For me, the goal of a reading is fundamentally to help the person get closure or insight, and so sharing negative information without any positive silver lining or any potential resolution is pointless. So in that event, I don’t say it—but most of the time, if I see something that might be on the negative side, I can also see what can be done to avoid it.

Have you ever had a negative reaction to a reading?
Thankfully, no—even though we have dealt with heavy subjects in the show like paternity issues and alcoholism, it’s all been positive for the most part. It really is just about acknowledging these issues in a healing kind of a way. We’re not trying to bring up the most personal or painful moment of someone’s life, it’s more to acknowledge how far they’ve come and learning from the experience. So with that context around it, I’ve gotten really solid, positive reactions even though we’re focusing on some seemingly negative subjects.

You visit some amazing celebrity homes on the show. Which has been your favorite so far?
Khloe Kardashian’s house was gorgeous when I was on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. And then for my show, Margaret Cho’s was probably the coolest. It was the most amazing house and it was so eclectic. She had so much going on in it, so it was a mix of really fascinating things and had an interesting interior design. [See a clip of Cho's home in the video below.]

You’re open about the fact that you don’t often recognize celebrities, but was there ever a moment when you felt starstruck this season?
Earlier this season I met with Jodie Sweetin, and I didn’t recognize her even though I loved Full House as a kid. She just didn’t look anything like Stephanie Tanner when she opened the door, so I just thought she was a pretty blonde lady. Then I got in the car after and was like, “Oh, that’s who I read!” So I definitely have had moments where I’ve been starstruck, but a lot of it is post-starstruck-ness. I think it’ll happen more in season two as I start to recognize more of the celebrities.

And how have things changed for you, now that people are recognizing you from the show?
It’s been an adjustment to go through this process of now having this platform and being recognized. I was recently on a flight that had TVs, so I turned on E! and they were doing a marathon on my show while I was on the plane. I got up to go to the bathroom, and as I was walking down the aisle, I realized that about 10 people had my show on. I was just hoping they wouldn’t notice me, because when you’re on a plane for five hours you’re kind of trapped!

Do you still take non-famous clients?
Yes! Fundamentally, I think the reason I started doing this is the same as to why I do it now: It’s just to help people get a sense of healing or closure. I believe this gift is to be shared with everybody, whether they’re a celebrity or not. So even though the show happens to be celebrity-based, I still read everyday people.

How do you fit that into your busy filming schedule?
I do the readings over the phone or Skype, which really helps when I’m on the go. I actually find it to be easier over the phone sometimes because I’m not biased with clients’ facial expressions or reactions—and that really is important for me. You’ll see when I do readings on the show that sometimes I’ll be looking off or in a different direction from the client. That’s because I don’t want any facial expressions—positive or negative—to influence how I deliver information. It’s so important to be authentic.

Do you ever take time to just relax?
When I’m not doing readings, I just spend a lot of time alone and try to meditate. Going for walks in nature is also really good for me. It’s a way to center myself without having people around, because my ability is less of an on-off switch. It’s more like a radio volume dial, so I always have background music in my head. It’s quieter and in the background when I’m interacting in my day-to-day life, but when I go to a reading I really try to focus on that background noise and bring it to the forefront of my mind. The taxing part comes after the reading, because it sometimes takes me three days to really quiet down. So I’m trying to work on that every day.