The Very Best Tweets By and About Bill Nye The Science Guy
Credit: Eddy Chen/Netflix

Remember the days when your teacher would roll one of those TVs strapped to a cart into your classroom, and you instantly knew you were about to have the best day ever? So do we! And a lot of times, it was Bill Nye the Science Guy bringing the educational fun (we can hear the theme song in our heads now). But over the years, our favorite scientist has become so much more than just a harbinger of mind-blowing information. He's an activist, he's a friend to rappers, heck—he's a goldmine of memes!

But the best indicator of Bill Nye's popularity? Parody Twitter accounts. Whether it's the real Bill Nye, or one of his many hilarious imitators, there's no denying that the Twittersphere (and the world) is a better place because of him. Check out these 10 tweets by the actual Bill Nye (and by some Bill Nye wannabes that will never not make us laugh) that prove Bill Nye's enduring appeal. And check out Mr. Nye's newest TV show, Bill Nye Saves the World, available for streaming today, April 21, on Netflix!

This sick burn:

Don't worry, they're still besties:

Rising above the haters, per usual:

The real Bill runs in a very exclusive circle #squadgoals:

Fake Bill wants you to know that real recognize real:

Issa fact:

*Raises hand*:

Actually, yes:


Because who doesn't love organic chemistry???: