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You Know Carrie Bradshaw's Baby Blue Dress? Well, She Actually Needed 6 Of Them
The show's costume designer, Molly Rogers, tells InStyle the full story behind the stunning date night look.
Roman Roy's Divine Dysfunction Came Straight From the Mind (and 'Mess') of This Succession Writer
Series writer and co-executive producer Georgia Pritchett shares how anxiety can supercharge creativity, and that at the end of the day Succession is really about "having some issues with family."
For Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino, the Ladies Always Lead
Here, she shares the personal backstory behind the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, ahead of its fourth season, as well as some of the other iconic female characters in her ouvre.

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Carrie Bradshaw's Earrings Are Actually From This Y2K Mall Brand

According to And Just Like That's...'s costume designers, she wears them multiple times in various colors.