Astrologer Susan Miller on What November's Planetary Harmony Will Mean for You

InStyle November 2016 Horoscope LEAD
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Susan Miller is InStyle's resident astrologer and founder of Her latest InStyle sign-by-sign column appears in the November issue, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

As November begins, the lyrical and creative emphasis that the new moon of Oct. 30 set in motion will put you in a cheerful, playful mood for nearly two weeks. If you are paid for your ideas, or are serious about an artistic project of your own, that'll be when to focus and experiment on your creative projects. That new moon also set off a glamorous feeling for romance too, so plan something special to celebrate the love you have for your partner. If you have no one special in your life right now, be sure to circulate with friends on Friday, Nov. 4 when Venus will flirt with Uranus, encouraging a sudden, surprise meeting of hearts.

Unlike last month’s full moon, this month’s full moon of Nov. 14 brings cooperation among the planets. Pluto and Mars will back up this lunation in Taurus, allowing you to achieve something difficult and out of reach. Strategize and stretch to capture your goal. Both planets will be in earth signs, suggesting you should take a practical, realistic approach. Full moons crystallize ongoing work you completed previously, so it is probable that you will see the fruits of your labors now. Taurus is a sensuous sign, perfect for treating yourself to a morning at the spa, and being that full moons are strong for a plus or minus four days, book your appointment for the weekend of Nov. 12 to Nov. 13.

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24, brings the moon to Venus ruled Libra—the day will emit a soft glow you will enjoy. The mood of the day will be genial and loving — and it'll be a good time to add a creative twist to the traditions of the day. Cyber Monday will occur on Nov. 28 and will be the first one in years to have superb aspects, specifically an alignment between Mercury (shopping) in sweet angle to Uranus (surprise). Bargains will proliferate.

On Nov. 29, the new moon in Sagittarius will appear in fine angle to Mars, the action planet, sounding the gong to begin initiating an endeavor important to you that will require courage and endurance to complete. Sagittarius is an international sign, so you may also plan a long trip that you’ll take either now or at holiday time. Alternatively, you may be doing business abroad with people based in a foreign country and if so, the project will go well. Being that distant shores are in your mind, you may be first in line at the post office to ship gifts to relatives and friends, a great idea. Finally, Sagittarius rules higher education, too, so get started on plans to take (or give) classes, seminars, or to enroll in university studies for the coming semester.

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Mercury will retrograde next month on Dec. 19, but will become weak earlier than that, starting its decline Dec. 1. And since Mercury is the planet of shopping, travel, and communication, while this planet retrogrades, these areas go haywire. It's never a good idea to buy expensive items during a retrograde and our judgment tends to be off during these phases, too—so think about holiday shopping this month, in advance of Dec. 1.

In all, November is a solidly productive, happy month, free from the crosscurrents that October brought on and free from the delays that Mercury retrograde will bring next month. In terms of romance, the first two weeks of November will have a high wow-factor. It's your month to progress on many fronts, so get busy!

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