Spice World - LEAD
Credit: Columbia Pictures/Courtesy of The Everett Collection

A good girl power-packed movie goes a long way, and in 1998, none did it better than Spice World. The campy film that followed the Spice Girls’ European tour hit theaters 19 years ago today, giving the band’s insatiable fans exactly what we wanted at the time: quotable lines, out-there costumes, and a glimpse at the over-the-top tour bus of our dreams.

The best thing about the movie, of course, was that it didn’t take itself too seriously. Thanks to its all-over-the-place plot, we saw the group take on everything from the birth of their friend’s baby to an alien encounter—and in platform heels, no less. There were hazy daydreams about the future, villains who sinisterly stroked pet pigs, and amazing celebrity cameos (who could forget Meat Loaf’s role as the driver of the Spice Bus?). But ultimately, it was one of the film’s many subplots that brought it to another level entirely: a filmmaker duo pitching random ideas for a Spice Girls movie, just for the sole purpose of making a Spice Girls movie. Meta and brilliant, indeed.

Before you celebrate Spice World’s anniversary with a nostalgic re-watch, scroll down to relive 19 of our favorite moments from the film, in GIF form.

1. Elton John’s cameo:

2. Victoria driving the tour bus in stilettos:

3. The toy bus bridge jump that we still can’t get over:

4. Mel B.’s reaction when an alien got a little too handsy:

5. The paparazzi's horrifying method of sneaking into the Spice mansion:

6. Victoria’s dedication to fashion at boot camp:

7. Geri’s amazingly catchy explanation for how the group got this far:

8. Two words: assless chaps:

9. Mel C.’s still quote-worthy response to Victoria’s fashion dilemma:

10. This far-from-glamorous glimpse at the future:

11. Emma and Mel C. doing their best Grease impression:

12. Proof that if Victoria hadn’t gone on to become a fashion designer, she would have made a top-notch Bond Girl:

13. Mel B.’s take on the role of Ginger Spice:

14. The color-blocked tent of our ‘90s dreams:

15. The real reason Victoria was upset after falling off a boat:

16. This very important scene that the girls dubbed "tacky":

17. Wise words from Emma while perched on her ever-present bus swing:

18. Geri and Mel B. playing chess on the tour bus, with Geri quoting the game's rules according to “Mr. Chess”:

19. Victoria’s nightmare, explained: