Sophia Bush Thinks One Tree Hill's Brooke Davis Would Have This Awesome Career Today

Sophia Bush - September 9, 2016
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As any One Tree Hill fan can tell you, Brooke Davis wanted to change the world. And over the course of the series, she did everything in her power to do just that. But where would the good-hearted cheerleader-turned-designer be today? We recently asked Sophia Bush, who played Brooke for the show’s full nine-year run, what she thinks her character would be up to now. And she believes that Brooke would still be changing the world—the world of fashion, that is.

“We wrapped the show up in a way that felt so meaningful to all of us,” Davis recently told InStyle. “It's not often that a show ends when the entire cast and production team decides it's going to, and then plans for that ending and gets to execute the stories in the way that they wanted to. It was such a special thing for all of us.” Of course, Brooke’s story had a particularly happy—and well-deserved—ending. By the time Season 9 wrapped, she had evolved to become a married mom of twin boys who co-owned a cafe and ran a local clothing shop—and according to Bush, she’d likely be doing the same today. “We left her running her store and running the cafe with Haley, and I sort of imagine that she's still doing those things,” said the star.

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But while Brooke may very well be continuing life as usual somewhere in an alternate Tree Hill universe, she’s likely looking for the latest innovative ways to market herself (we’re talking about the same character who singlehandedly created a successful website for her Clothes Over Bros line when she was still in high school, after all). “She's probably launched some really cool app for fashionable moms where you can order awesome clothes for yourself and for your kids,” said Bush. “I think that she would be really getting into the tech boom next. Maybe that's because I'm a tech nerd and I'd like to be launching cool apps, so I think that I want Brooke to be doing that. But I wouldn't be surprised if that was sort of the next phase of her career.”

Sophia Bush - ONE TREE HILL
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While Brooke would most likely be creating tech services with a fashion focus—although we see major potential for a Karen’s Cafe delivery app—there are a few lifestyle apps that Bush relies on IRL. “I’m crazy about Uber and Postmates because they make my life so much easier,” she said. “Deepak Chopra’s new app called Jiyo is really cool, too, and Headspace is a great meditation app."

"A friend of mine just got me to start using Think Dirty, which lets you scan every beauty product, household cleaner, or detergent to learn where it rates on a toxicity scale," Bush added. "And it's shocking, because some of the stuff that we've been told is all-natural and good for us, really isn't. So it's pretty awesome to go through and make sure that everything that you're letting into and putting onto your body is as clean as you can hope it to be.”

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