This Is the Song of the Summer According to 6 Female DJs

Photo: Brianna Lance DJs with Bec Adams (left) and Blu Detiger (right) at Les Filles's launch night last month. Courtesy Les Filles.

Not ready to think about the end of gloriously sunny summer days? Neither are we. That’s why we’ve tapped six badass female DJs to share their favorite summer hits. These jockeys are all members of a brand-new, all-female DJ collective called Les Filles, aimed at bolstering talented women's careers in a notoriously dude-dominated field. And they’re ready to shake up any overplayed BBQ playlist with fresh, under-the-radar tracks both new and old that totally capture the essence of summer.

Scroll down to meet Alix Brown, Bec Adams, Blu Detiger, Brianna Lance, Hayett McCarthy, and Leslie Kirchoff and listen to the dancey tunes they have on repeat this summer.

1. "Hot Chip" by Huarache Lights

According to all-around creative maven Brianna Lance, "This song makes you want to dance outside underneath the stars."

2. "Canopée" by Polo and Pan

"This song is everything about summer that I want to exist in my life—sleeping under a canopy in the jungle," says DJ, musician, and fashion muse Alix Brown.

3. "Forrest Whistle" (Daphni Edit) by Francis Bebey

"Summer reminds me of my Mum playing African tribal music all day long," says Australian import Bec Adams. "She said this music taps into your third ear (like a third eye) because your body cannot deny the rhythm. I can't help but transcend to a summertime nostalgia when I hear this track."

4. "Love Rollercoaster" by Ohio Players

“[This track is] a funky soundtrack to my love of NYC in the summertime!” says New York native Blue Detiger.

5. "Nightwalkers" by Kiki Hitomi

Lately, Wisconsin-native Leslie Kirchhoff says the Japanese artist Kiki Hitomi is topping her list. "Kiki Hitomi is a really cool newer artist. And 'Nightwalkers' is an ideal song to drive to."

6. "Gbeti Madjro" by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Contonou

According to model/DJ Hayett McCarthy, Afrobeat puts out "absolute hidden gems that will get each and every listener wild and give even [people with] mediocre senses of rhythm, the urge to dance and prance."

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