Credit: George Rinhart / Getty Images

The next time you're scrolling through Instagram or any social media website, really, and come across a someone with the "perfect beach body," pause for a second. What you see may not be a reflection of reality, and vlogger Amelia Goodhead made that point in a recent video. In the video, she walks her fans through a three-minute photo edit that dramatically reduces her waistline. Her goal was to show just how quickly you can transform yourself before posting to your social media account

"I know not everyone online Photoshops their photos, but it does happen. So I hope that by showing people how easy it is to do, it may help them to take a step back — realize that it might not be completely as it seems and not to let the pressure to be 'perfect' affect them," Goodhead says.

Thanks to people in the media exposing cases of serious Photoshopping, and celebrities who've expressed frustration at their own Photoshopped bodies on magazine covers, we know that the pictures we see in ads and glossies are likely heavily edited. When it comes to Instagram, though, where you have real people, or even celebrities, posting what seems like "real time" images on their feeds, the whole photo editing thing may not be so obvious.