Credit: Getty Images

The "Try Guys" from Buzzfeed are known for their wacky experimental videos. For example, in the past they've tried on "perverted Halloween costumes," hilariously guess how much cosmetics cost, and have even simulated what it's like to have a period for a week. In these videos, their eyes are often opened to a completely new perspective, often the female perspective.

In a recent video, though — in which they recreated popular images featuring ripped men at the peak of male physique — it might have been the female population who collectively had their eyes opened. In the video, each man talks about his insecurities. These insecurities go deep, too. All the way back to grade school deep. And their fears associated with having these images edited and photoshopped so that their bodies resemble the original photo are pretty heartwrenching.

Each of the men has their own reaction to seeing the heavily edited photos featuring themselves with super ripped abs, legs, and arms. One has a realization that he's overcritical of himself after finding fault in the edited after picture. Another pokes fun at his arms, and how even his muscled shadow in the edited picture could take his real self down.

Per normal for the Try Guys, the video elicits some giggles, but for the most part this is an eye-opening look into the (sometimes disregarded) pressures men face about their appearance.