By Wendy Rose Gould
Updated May 25, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Credit: Instagram

You've heard of selfies, but have you heard of... #shelfies? They're totally a thing, and they're all over your Instagram feed. It makes sense, since people are eager to show off their shelves of stuff. And with the boom of skin-care and beauty products on IG, in particular, it's no surprise the shelfies featuring grooming goods are all the rage.

There's an art to the shelfie, for sure, and like some pictures on Instagram, shelfies tend to look a little bit "set up." For example, many feature painstakingly curated items against a gorgeous, clean backdrop, often with an accent item or two for good measure. They also usually show a variety of products, and the products themselves are pretty to look at. Again, if that's your actual shelfie on any given Tuesday, we give you mad props. You've got organization down to a science.

Take this image from @beautyandsparkl, for example. Her double shelf set up comes with tons of variety, ranging from perfume to micellar water to a jar with cotton swabs to a random piece of greenery. Clearly thought out — and genius.

This low-maintenance shelfie posted by @liztisch features lots of green and white. You can tell she's a brand loyalist.

Digging the rose and the candle in this one. Don't these extras somehow make the products that much more appealing?

And don't forget the "bird's eye" #shelfie, where products are laid out and photographed from above.