Clone of Too Much Blush
Credit: Getty Images

When you think of spring makeup, rosy cheeks, highlighter, a shimmery eyelid, and a pouty lip may come to mind. What doesn't come to mind is an actual interpretation of spring's awakening, but makeup artist and Reddit user Visual_Artifacts clearly doesn't play by the rules. Her "Spring Awakening" Gaea SFX Character Makeup takes spring makeup to a whole other level.

"I actually love how unique this concept is," writes user Disteal in the r/MakeUpAddiction subreddit post. "It's bold and conveys the message, but does it in a stylistically new way whilst still being beautiful! I can see this being an inspiration for fantasy concept artists!"

The makeup artist says she used liquid latex, tissue paper, and numerous makeup products from NYX Cosmetics, Ben Nye, and Wolfe Makeup to complete the look. It was created for the NYX Face Awards, which features some seriously stunning work from makeup artists across the country. Lucky for you, there's a video tutorial on how to recreate this look (should you feel inspired), which features a helpful latex tutorial at the beginning, as well.