Credit: louboutinanyc/Instagram; toby_littledude/Instagram; underpantsthedog/Instagram; quincyfox/Instagram

Whenever InStyle has an excuse to celebrate dogs, we're there. In honor of National Puppy Day today, March 23, we're raising a bone to our animal BFFs.

Not everyone has the pleasure of keeping canine company on a daily basis, but the next best thing? Vicariously experiencing it through Instagram. Chances are if you're a dog person (or a cat person who still has an appreciation for pooches), you've come across the social platform's biggest stars. Among them are the likes of Maru Taro the Shiba Inu—who boasts 2.5 million followers @marutaro—or Tuna and his beloved overbite with 1.8 million followers @tunameltsmyheart.

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However, there are still plenty of under-appreciated and under-the-radar accounts belonging to current and former puppies. Unlike Instagram's Marus and Tunas, these pups have yet to hit even 200 thousand followers. Will that change after National Puppy Day? Scroll down, drop a follow, and stay tuned.

@quincyfox – 21K Followers

"It looks like my Pomeranian mom had an affair with a fox," reads Quincy's own description on Instagram. Need we say more?

@toby_littledude – 140K Followers

I mean, Toby's a legit model—with high-end taste to boot.

@underpantsthedog – 29.5K Followers

Younger sister to Toast (aka Toast Meets World), puppy mill survivor Pants is a star in her own right.

@poochofnyc – 45.5K Followers

Agador may have the best mane of hair in the city.

@missyminzi– 49.4K Followers

This pomeranian hails from Germany and is a self-described "three-pawed little troublemaker."

@louboutinanyc – 156K followers

Louboutina, or Loubie for short, has earned the nickname "The Hugging Dog" from her adventures around the Big Apple.

@renecharlesnyc – 74.2k followers

"Flawless Frenchie" René-Charles has a mean mug but a sweet heart.

@bleuintheburg – 23.6k followers

Bleu, who lives by the motto #oneeyedontcare, has a luxe gig in Brooklyn as Bocce's Bakery resident dog treat tester.

@elvisthekinghale – 97.5K Followers

Unlike mom @lucyhale, who has an impressive 17.6 million followers, Elvis is not yet king of the Instagram dogpile.