Credit: goatsofanarchy/Instagram

Is your Instagram feed over-saturated with the cutest dogs that social media has to offer? Ok, so maybe there’s no such thing as scrolling through too many puppies—but even the most filter-friendly furballs out there have some new competition from another species entirely: goats.

That’s right, goats—baby goats, specifically—are suddenly everywhere. The influx of farm animals on your feed likely stems from the insanely popular Goats of Anarchy account, which documents the daily life of special needs goats at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. The youngest rescues wear onesies, roam around in specially made carts that help them learn how to walk, and—perhaps most importantly—cuddle with one another. It’s adorable, and it’s all for a good cause. What more could you ask for?

The account, which is run by event planner turned goat savior Leanne Lauricella, is seriously worth a follow. Soon enough, you’ll know each animal by name—guaranteed. You’ll smile when you see Polly cuddling with Josie. You’ll feel proud when Pocket learns how to walk with his new prosthetic legs. You’ll feel nervous about Lawson’s upcoming heart surgery. And you’ll find yourself checking back for updates every day on these baby goats that you’ve never even met.

Of course, the goat obsession transcends just Goats of Anarchy. Insta-famous fitness guru Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, introduced her two million followers to “goat yoga” with her fur baby Penny Lane (@penny_thegoat) over a year ago, and the exercise craze has since swept the country. One Oregon farm saw wait lists that reached 1,200 people as goat yoga classes popped up everywhere and infiltrated our social feeds, much to our delight.

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If you’re not quite ready to downward-dog in a barn just yet, you can still get on the goat-loving bandwagon. Start slow by following accounts like @goats_gone_grazing_acres, @goatloversanonymous, @in_goats_we_love, and @goats_are_family. You won’t regret it.