By Dale Chong
Updated Jun 29, 2016 @ 12:30 pm
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Discovery’s Shark Week is back! It’s one the biggest television events of the summer, currently airing this week until Sunday, July 3. Tune in as marine biologists and shark fin-atics explore the infamous sea creature behind the bite. Not enough shark drama for you? Perhaps a silver screen thriller will do the trick: You’re about to get another dose of underwater madness with Blake Lively’s shark-centric latest film, The Shallows.

The thriller—in theaters now—centers on medical student Nancy Adams (Lively), who retreats to a secluded beach to recover from the loss of her mother. Despite knowing the dangers of surfing alone, Nancy decides to hit the waves when suddenly a great white shark attacks and forces her to swim to a giant rock for safety. Injured and stranded, she fights for her life as the predator circles her only 200 yards from shore.

Ahead of the premiere, Lively took to Instagram to share all of her real-life shark encounters. Check them out below.

Lively gets up close and personal with a great white shark:

She finds time for a wetsuit workout while aboard a boat:

The actress helps bring awareness to shark protection by sharing artwork:

Lively preps for the premiere of The Shallows:

Though in her latest film she fights against the dangers of sharks, Lively shows her strong support for the ocean dwellers in real life.

The Shallows premiered on June 24th and is airing in theaters now!