A Celebrity Astrologer Swears the 'Sex and the City' Friendships Are a "Perfect Combination"

The stars align for everyone's favorite foursome.

Just in time for this week's premiere of And Just Like That ..., People enlisted celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly to take a closer look at the characters' charts — and fans can rest easy knowing that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda aren't just besties because of their shared love of Manolos and Manhattan, it's all written in the stars. Kelly explains that each Sex and the City character represents one of the four elements of the zodiac and together, it's cosmic, Cosmopolitan-tinged kismet and their close bond was truly meant to be.

"It's not just a mutual love of fashion and brunching that binds these women together, it's actually a perfect combination of water, air, fire, and earth," she said, explaining that Carrie is a Gemini (air), Miranda is a Capricorn (earth), Charlotte is a Pisces (water), and Samantha is a Leo (fire). That combination is also part of why viewers can always see themselves as one of the main characters, even if that bias shifts depending on their moods.

"It's because we actually have all of the elements within us," Kelly adds, reminding astrology die-hards that signs are just one part of our personalities and that "our charts offer dimensions of very different elemental energy."

Astrologer Swears the Sex and the City Friendships Are a "Perfect Combination"
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As the central character, Kelly said that Carrie is a typical air sign, from the way she acts with the other three women to the fact that she's a writer and shares her experiences.

"Her main character energy is defined by the relationships she has with others," Kelly said of Carrie's relationship with the other women. "She is at the center of all of these dynamics and even documents her experiences for others to read, which is perhaps the most air sign thing of all."

And following the current mood of everyone embracing Miranda, Kelly said that she and earth signs play an important role in every friend group.

"She's ambitious, determined, and extremely hard on herself, which is earth energy at its finest," Kelly said of Miranda. "Despite her paralyzing perfectionism, Miranda keeps her group grounded and holds them accountable, and for that, we are truly grateful."

To see what Kelly has to say about Samantha's fiery energy and Charlotte's watery ways, check out the full video.

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