Regé-Jean Page Revealed His Family's Reaction to the 'Bridgerton' Sex Scenes

They left the room to "make tea."

Regé-Jean Page shared some more details about those steamy Bridgerton scenes.

During an appearance on the Graham Norton Show, which is set to air on Friday, Page told Norton that the sex scenes weren't embarrassing or uncomfortable since the show had an intimacy coach on set. The newly SAG-nominated actor added that they were fully choreographed to eliminate any "risk" while filming and make the actors comfortable.

Bridgerton Regé-Jean Page

Phoebe Dynevor has also publicly talked about the choreography of the scenes. "We did the intimate scenes like stunts — we blocked them out, so you have yoga balls in between you and all sorts of things that never make you feel exposed in any way," she told Glamour.

Any embarrassment came after the series aired, and not necessarily on Page's part. Page revealed that members of his family tried to duck out of the room during those scenes. (Though honestly, they'd probably miss half the show if they avoided every sex scene.)

"There were some cousins missing from the family WhatsApp group and they said, 'We made our tactical cups of tea when you started and when we came back you were still going!'" he told Norton.

Page talked about learning of the show's wild success while in lockdown, saying it's left him slightly "scared."

"It's just me and the four walls and I don't go to the front door because I am scared," he told Norton. "You don't know who's going to be there. It's the only thing that is real about the whole thing!"

As for any upcoming projects, Page sidestepped a question asking if he'll be taking over as Agent 007.

"Bridgerton is the only 'B' word I am allowed to say — I am not going to talk about the other 'B' words!" He said.

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