Which Chic Monterey Mom from Big Little Lies Are You?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Seven weeks ago, HBO's hit miniseries Big Little Lies introduced us to the bustling coastal town of Monterey, California–as well as its stunning set of (mostly) moneyed moms. Since then, the glossy melodrama, which blends a mysterious murder with the seemingly perfect lives of these affluent women, has bewitched us, body and soul.

This Sunday, the miniseries comes to an end–in what we are certain will be a shocking finale–and we'll bid farewell to these beautiful, albeit highly dysfunctional, moms. So, in the spirit of keeping their aspirational, questionable lifestyles alive, take our quiz to find out what kind of Monterey mother you are. Because there's a little Renata Klein in all of us, right?

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