Priyanka Chopra Jonas Says Nick Jonas Would Fly to London Just for Dinner During COVID

"He would just drop everything [and] come in for a day."

Photo: Kyle Gavin

Priyanka Chopra Jonas has worn many hats in her long, fruitful career: Miss World, Bollywood Superstar, Hollywood starlet, singer, and J-Sister (the nickname the three wives of the Jonas Brothers affectionately share).

But she tells InStyle editor-in-chief Laura Brown on this week's episode of Ladies First with Laura Brown that she gave up the role of perfectionist after reaching her mid-thirties.

"I suddenly was like, 'I can't do it anymore,'" she recalls. "And you can't live your life just protecting yourself from life. Life is messy, and messy things happen, and it's okay. I'm done with the quest of perfection."

Chopra Jonas adds that social media is another area of the business where it has become incumbent for her to "pick and choose your battles." "I've always loved social for the fact that I have a direct ability to speak to people who are interested in me or interested in what I have to say or curious about me, but at the same time, social does have its follies and it can be really vile sometimes."

Although she's giving up the unrealistic societal beauty standards and expectations of perfectionism, as a longstanding professional in the industry, Chopra Jonas knows there's a time and place to bring the energy. She tells Brown that there are "no excuses" when it comes to show business.

"I think I've been trained now for so many years like it's discipline, soldier mentality, you've got to deliver your commitment," she shares.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is comfortable with making mistakes: Episode 49: November 30, 2021

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After all, her dedication to every role and project she takes on is indicative of her commitment to the art, which is the point of her job anyway. She tells Brown that while dressing up and walking the red carpet can be fun, that's not why she chose this career.

"My job is being an actor, it's being on set, and it's being a vessel for art, to be able to tell stories and move people," she says. "When people watch my work, hopefully it makes them feel something, and to me, that's the essence of what I do."

Of course, we appreciate this sentiment, and Chopra Jonas is an exceptionally talented actress (case in point? Alex Parrish in Quantico). But we don't think we could live without her on the red carpet. Especially when she and husband musician Nick Jonas make adorable couple appearances, like their couple debut at the 2017 Met Gala in matching Ralph Lauren to her role as a Jonas wife in the Sucker and What a Man Gotta Do music videos. (And can we talk about their wedding?!)

But at the end of the day, being married to Jonas is about family, not all the glitz and glam. "I love hanging out with our family, we're a fun bunch. We have the best time with each other," Priyanka says, adding that she and Nick are each other's biggest "champions."

"We know each other's hearts. We prioritize each other in everything that we do. This year was hard for me being in London, and he would just drop everything, come in for a day, have dinner with me, and fly back."

You can hear more about her marriage to the superstar and why she keeps her espresso maker in her closet on episode 49 of Ladies First With Laura Brown.

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