Pitch Star Mo McRae Says Season One Finale Will Leave You "Emotionally Wrecked"


On Pitch, Mo McRae stars as the San Diego Padres’ center fielder, Blip Sanders. But while the actor seamlessly portrays a baseball pro on the Fox drama, which wraps its first season tonight at 9 p.m. ET, getting into character was no easy feat. “I was not at all a baseball player before the show,” McRae recently told InStyle. “It was scary and I had to train a lot, because I was worried that I would get fired if I wasn’t good enough. I think there's an assumption that most guys play baseball at some point in their lives, but I missed the boat on that one.”

Luckily, McRae had the chance to practice with his co-stars. “When we first started filming, I went to the batting cage with Mark Consuelos and M.P. [Mark-Paul Gosselaar],” he said. “Consuelos was killing it, but M.P. and I sucked at everything. It was almost like he should have been the one to be cast for the team instead of us.” As they continued to prep, the pair quite literally got into the swing of things. “We got a lot better—it was such a drastic improvement,” said McRae. “I really wish we had documented everything on Instagram, because our day one skill set to where we finished is just night and day.”

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As the duo’s baseball skills continued to improve onscreen, the actors took their business relationship to a whole new level IRL. “M.P. and I have become really good friends,” said McRae. “We've even gone on to start a production company together, because we can both direct and are interested in producing. Just working on the show with him is great, because he’s somebody that pushes me to be better as an actor and as an athlete.”

McRae is also close with the show’s lead actress Kylie Bunbury, who portrays the first female pitcher in Major League Baseball. “Kylie is like a little sister to me,” he said. “She's so sweet, but also wise and has great insight.” And, much like her athlete character, Bunbury inspires her co-stars. “She's really dedicated and committed,” said McRae. “To have the level of discipline she does at her age is pretty insane.”

And tonight’s season finale will also be pretty insane. The one thing viewers can expect, according to McRae? “Tears,” he said. “People can definitely expect to be conflicted and torn between allegiances. The show’s writers have done a wonderful job at layering the characters in a way that the audience can really connect, and I think the relatability factor is really high.” And the final episode of season one will play up on those audience-character bonds. “People have their favorite characters, and they have their favorite relationships on the show,” said McRae. “But what happens when your favorite characters and your favorite relationships are at odds? Who do you side with? The arguments and the conflicts are so well represented from both sides that I think people are going to be torn. They're going to be conflicted, because there’s a lot of ambiguity as to who's right or wrong in these situations.”

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So while viewers may be “happy from a ‘Wow that was entertaining’ perspective, they’re likely to be “a little bit emotionally wrecked after this,” said McRae. “Which is good, because that’s what you want when you watch a drama.”

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