By Meredith Lepore
Updated May 27, 2016 @ 9:15 am
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

If there was ever going to be a Dubsmash movie, we know that Penélope Cruz should be the star. For the second time in a few months, Cruz, who's currently in New York promoting her new film, Ma Ma, showed off her amazing Dubsmash talents on The Tonight Show Thursday playing with the app which let's you record yourself lip syncing funny or loud sound bites. Jimmy Fallon is clearly a master at this, but he may have met his match with Cruz, who last time did some amazing lines from the film Frozen. She also said last time she had really gotten into the app during her downtime on the Zoolander 2 set.

Fallon went first, this time choosing a few lines of Pee-wee Herman's. He was great, but Cruz really went all for it when she lip synced lines of a little boy saying, "Now I want my bacon, I gotta tell you something. Bacon is good for me." She even wore a baseball hat to set the scene. "You know I need my props," she said. "Getting into character," Fallon joked.

For Fallon's next attempt, he turned to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger screaming, "Go!!!!! Run!!!! Get to the chopper!!!" Finally, it was time for the pair to do a duet together. "Don't leave me out of the frame like last time, " said Cruz to audience laughs. She put on her glasses for the scene and then said they should both be in the frame because she would be playing his English teacher and that she did. They lip synced a scene from The Pink Panther Movie in which Steve Martin has a ridiculous accent and tries to learn how to say hamburger. It wasn't quite Frozen, but still excellent.

Watch Cruz show off her Dubsmash talents in the clip above.